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Moving Towards A Smart Homeland - The Ministry of the Interior’s 3D National Map Service Is Now Online!

  • PostDate:2020-11-11 11:00

The “Taiwan 3D Map Service” was officially launched online today (11th). Hsu Kuo-yung, the Interior Minister, said that the national mapping services provided by the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) have officially entered the 3D era. In the future, 3D cadastral buildings, BIM (Building Information Model), building registration, transactions, and other diversified land information will be wholly integrated, bringing a smarter and more convenient life to the public. The public is encouraged to take full advantage of the free Taiwan 3D Map Service by the MOI.

Taiwan 3D Map Service Activation Ceremony

Taiwan 3D Map Service Activation Ceremony

The MOI stated that in order to be in line with the National Development Council in promoting the NGIS (National Geographic Information System), the existing 2D national map has been upgraded to 3D progressively. The implementation will be enforced from 3 standpoints: data production, standard-setting, and service platform construction. At present, 4.4 million 3D building models have been built across the country.

3D Building Model selected and colored by height

Taiwan e-Map and 3D Building Model

Browsing and Query Image of Taiwan 3D Map Service Platform

The MOI pointed out that in order to present diverse spatial relationships in the real world, the existing 2D national map was upgraded to a 3D national map to execute the key strategy of “full construction first, refinement second”. Other than collecting domestic and international literature and enforcement results, the MOI also collected user experiences and data refinement needs from various sectors through application and demand seminars, making gradual improvements in the refinement of 3D national mapping data and services to satisfy the needs of different users. For more details, please visit the “Taiwan 3D Map Service ” (Service site is

3D Map Service Vision