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  • PostDate:2005-04-04 00:00

Q & A


I Q: How can an alien make a police report in case of crime, fire, and





1. Application Authorities:


(1) For criminal cases: Victims can make their reports at a police sub-station or at the criminal investigation section of a police precinct.


(2) For fire or emergency: People can call to a local fire department.


2. Report Procedure:


(1) For Criminal Cases: Please dial 110 or call to a police sub-station or the criminal investigation section of a police precinct to report time and place of occurrence and types of criminal cases.


(2) For fire or emergency cases: Please dial 119 to report.




II. Q: How to obtain a theft report for car, motorcycle or license plate stealing?




1. Application Authorities: Police sub-station of each county/city police bureau.


2. Application Procedure:


Victims can make their reports at a police sub-station with relevant certificates; a theft report will be issued after the police have verified the reports.


3. Required Documents:


(1) The Passport, Alien Resident Certificate, or Alien Permanent Resident Certificate.


(2) Driver’s License or other relevant certificates.




III. Q: How can aliens file complaints when their cars or motorcycles are towed away due to parking without permits?




1. Application Authorities: Traffic Section of county/city police bureau.


2. Required Documents:


(1) An application form


(2) Other relevant certificates (Such as a photocopy of a citation, photographs of cars parked without permits etc.).


3. Processing Period: 14 days (including holidays).


4. Ways to file complaints:


(1) File in person.


(2) Entrust others to file.


(3) File by phone, fax, or mail.


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