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Information on applying for Overstay and Exit

  • PostDate:2005-05-02 00:00

I.Regulated by:

1.The Immigration Law.

2.The Regulations Governing Visiting, Residence and Permanent residence of Aliens.

3.The Detective Procedure and Fine Standard of the Penalty Case of the Immigration Law.


II.Required Documents:

1.An application form

2.Passport and visa

3.Letter of explanation or certificate of proof for reason of overstaying.

4.The airplane ticket for departure within 7days.


III.Fine for periods of overstay:

1.Less than 10 days- NT$1,000.



4. Over 90 days-NT$10,000.

5.Penalties are halved for persons under the age of 18.


IV.Processing Time:

Application will be processing while-you-wait.


V.Notes for Application:

1.Application must be filed in person except in the case of minors or the seriously ill.

2.In the case of those who are under the age of 14 or over the age of 60, while not having overstayed for more than 30 days, may apply at the airports or seaports within 2 hours before departure with the proper documents.

3.In the case of those who have overstayed for more than 31 days should apply to the residing local police bureau.

4. The re-entry of aliens who have ever overstayed will be controlled.


VI.Form: doc

Application Form for Exit Permission


More information:more

Information for Foreigners,R.O.C