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Do you know which types of non-urban land is the most?

  • Source:地政司
  • Contact Person:倪惠芬
  • Contact Information:02-2356-5359

In 2020, use assignment of non-urban land area has accounted for about 78% of the registered land in Taiwan, of which Forestry Lands accounts for about 50% of non-urban land, with a total area of 1,364,259 hectares. People are allowed to forestry use, build forestry facilities, and build ecosystem protection on Forestry Lands. Secondly, Agriculture Lands accounts for about 30% of non-urban land, with a total area of 821,023 hectares. People are allowed to build agricultural production and marketing facilities, animal husbandry facilities, and leisure agricultural facilities on Agriculture Lands. Thirdly, Territory security Lands accounts for about 9% of non-urban land. Therefore, the above three types of land account for about 90% of the total non-urban land area, so the classifying of non-urban land is still mainly for conservation purposes.

As for all kinds of building lands, only accounts for about 2.37% of non-urban land, Among them, Type D Building Lands and Type B Building Lands are more in it, which account for about 0.85% and 0.85% of non-urban land.