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Visitors to Taiwan shall Follow the Latest Entry Policies

  • Source:移民署
  • Contact Person:倪惠芬
  • Contact Information:02-2356-5359

In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has periodically reviewed and adjusted our entry restrictions in accordance with the pandemic level of individual country. Under the command of the CECC, the National Immigration Agency has also tightened its arrival inspection to screen high-risk visitors. 696 foreign passengers have been deported by the National Immigration Agency for violation of entry regulations ever since January 24th, 2020, the day Wuhan City locked down. 640 people, accounted for the highest proportion, were deported from Taoyuan Airport. It accounts for 91.9% of the total number. 23 were deported from Songshan Airport, and 19 from Kaohsiung Airport.

The National Immigration Agency gives advices to Taiwan nationals: If one’s relatives or friends from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau or any other countries would like to visit Taiwan, they are required to follow the latest regulations given by the CECC.  Without doing so, one will be refused entry into Taiwan.