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Sustainable National Land and Living Justice
The MOI actively protects the public living right by the promotion social housing only for leasing not for selling to improve the provision of social housing and has been devoted to completing rental and lease housing systems to promote a healthy development of the rental and lease market. By utilizing private energy, a sub-letting management mechanism is promoted to encourage the landlords’ participation in social housing provision. Meanwhile, diverse housing assistance measures are offered to take better care of the disadvantaged. Furthermore, the MOI continuously improves the transaction management system of real estate, studies actual price registration systems, reviews relevant rules and regulations governing the management of the real estate agency industry. These are intended to advance price appraisal technologies and to promote the healthy development of real estate market. The promotion for urban renewal will be sped up to update relevant legal mechanism and push for urban re-development.

Active promotion of social housing to realize living justice

In order to realize living justice, the MOI actively promotes social housing only for lease and rental not for selling to combine the provision of housing units based on sub-letting management built by the government to bring more resources of housing provision policy of government. Through sub-letting management, idle residential units owned by individuals can be put in the housing rental market for those who cannot afford houses and at the same time operate a balanced market mechanism to mutually regulate house rental and buying markets. Meanwhile, diverse housing assistance measures are provided to take better care of the disadvantaged. The MOI starts from a realization of social justice and works with great efforts on systems, building quality, management and marketing to link up with environmental protections and communities to take care of the disadvantaged with the provision of social housing.

Promotion of subletting management to make best use of private idled houses

Promotion of subsidies to residential units for assisting the disadvantaged families

Promotion of urban renewal to guarantee living rights

Completion of transaction system of real estate and building professional mechanism for house rentals and leases

Improve the actual price registration system to facilitate transparency of transaction information

Improving land value appraisal mechanism to promote fairness of real estate tax