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Public Participation for the Common Entity
With the principle to protect human rights and national security, the MOI continuously improves relevant management of entering and leaving Taiwan for more effective management of human flow. The MOI overall examines relevant rules and regulations governing nationality, entering and leaving Taiwan, and immigration. Through legal liberalization, more foreign talent has been attracted to Taiwan.

Furthermore, in order to protect rights of new immigrants, the MOI also actively promotes various caring and assisting measures for new immigrants and integrates various agency resources to provide services needed by new immigrants. New immigrants are also empowered and cultivated with more human capitals by assisting them to utilize mother tongue and cultural advantage to enrich Taiwan’s diverse culture and bring important power for the long-term development of Taiwan.

Recruitment of neutralized talent for local settlement

“The Nationality Act” was amended and promulgated on December 21st, 2016. In consideration of the unwillingness of exceptional foreigners to give up its original nationalities, in order to realize the policy goal to recruit and retain foreign talent, Article 9 of the amendment regulates that when applying for neutralization, who made special contributions to the ROC and high level professional in the technology, economy, education, culture, arts, sports, and other domains and serve the interests of the ROC is not required to submit the certificate of loss of original nationality. Furthermore, the MOI enacted and promulgated “ Standards for Defining High-Level Professionals for Naturalization” on March 24th, 2017 and enacted and promulgated “ Directions for Identifying a Foreign National or a Stateless Person Who has Made Special Contributions to the ROC” on September 18th, 2017 to implement amended Article 9 of “the Nationality Act.”

Creating friendly environment for retaining and attracting foreign talent

Friendly environment for immigrants and empowerment of new immigrants and their children