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Public Participation for the Common Entity
In order to promote democracy and social diversity, the MOI actively plays the supporting role for civil society. In addition to continuous promotion for public participation in regulatory reform, completion of election and recall norms to assure rights of public participation, the MOI continuously promotes the draft of “Political Parties Act” with democratic principles to build up environment for development of political parties. The MOI also promotes amendments of relevant laws of local system to boost efficacy of local governance and actively reviews relevant rules and regulations governing civil associations to set up a separative legislative structure composed of “Social Associations Act,” “Professional Associations,” and “Political Parties Act” ; besides, the MOI also promote amendments of “Civil Association Act,” including the original “permission system” transformed into “registration system” to reduce regulations that control over civil associations and put more respect to autonomy of associations. Meanwhile, through formulating rules and regulations required for financial disclosure, accountability and transparency of people associations for stronger public monitoring.

Completion of local system for stronger public participation in legal reform

The MIO completes legal system of local governmental organization act and promotes openness and transparency of local councils for better efficacy of local autonomy. The MOI strengthens monitoring of central and local autonomy as well as communication and negotiation mechanism to build the partnership between central government and local governments while it completes regional joint governance mechanism for regional cooperation and development. In order to improve election and recall system and event regulations and strengthen political contribution and lobby system, the MOI collects different opinions and studies relevant laws.

Amendment of Civil Association Act for building up a friendly social environment