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Public Participation for the Common Entity
To improve openness and transparency of important decision-making processes of the MOI, the “Designated Spatial Planning and Utilization Deliberative Information Zone” is established for the public to command important meeting information of Regional Planning Committee, Urban Planning Committee, and Zone Expropriation Examination Committee of MOI on a single platform and diverse participation channels are also offered.

Additionally, to realize legitimate legal procedures, the MOI actively establishes comprehensive deliberative discussion mechanism- public hearing system. In the future, during the screening evaluation of important polices that involve in public rights, the public hearing procedure shall be properly introduced to provide fair and effective public participation means and to improve policy implementation efficacy of MOI as well as to ensure protection of public rights.

Improving openness of deliberative information with active establishment of public hearing system

To actively establish the public hearing system of MOI, during deliberate processes of important policies that involve in public rights, the public hearing procedures shall be properly introduced for fair and effective public participation. Uncertainties shall be clarified through rational discussions to achieve added values of information and decision-making for the improvement of policy effectiveness of MOI and protection of public rights. Additionally, “Designated Zone of Spatial Planning and Utilization Information” is provided on a single platform for the public to access to important deliberative meeting information of Regional Planning Committee, Urban Planning Committee, Land expropriation Examination Committee and online application for attending meetings, and opinion expression will be actively given automatically for opener and more transparent information and diverse public participation channels.

Completion of land expropriation system for the protection of living rights and expansion of public participation

Amendment of rules governing land readjustment implemented by the private sector for protection of public living rights