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Giving People Peace of Mind and Convenience
Service measures of the MOI are closely linked to people’s daily lives and the MOI will continuously provide more accessible services needed from the public perspective. In addition to simplified household and land registration processes, more services that can be applied at different places will be expanded to achieve the effectiveness of convenient public services; the MOI also continues advanced substitute civilian services and R&D substitute civilian services to take care of career planning for Men of Conscription Age and talent needs of the industry and actively promotes the participation of Men of Conscription Age in social charities at each corner of society and work with each sector to build a warm society and to develop future talent.

Household registration at a different place, convenient trans-area services

Since January 7, 2004, the public can register 31 household items at any Household Registration Office including “marriage,” “divorce,” “death (declaration of death). For seven items not available including “relocation,” “initial household registration,” “registration for modification,” “registration for cancellation,” “invalid registration,” “registration for household number change” and “registration for obtaining, losing, altering, or resuming the identity of indigenous people,” the MOI will continuously expand reviews for more convenient public services.

High quality convenient mobile household registration services

Electronic trans-departmental services at one stop

Cross-region services for land registration to save long travel time

Cross-office acceptance of land registration cases in the same country/city

Instant notification of cadastral changes and more protection for property

Diverse selections for substitute civilian servicemen