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Giving People Peace of Mind and Convenience
To build a safe living environment, the MOI continuously strengthens the mechanism to ensure building safety. Through advanced relevant rules governing buildings, improvement of engineering quality of construction, and realization of handling of illegal buildings, concerns for public safety were addressed. Additionally, in consideration of frequent earthquakes in Taiwan, seismic evaluation of old buildings is relatively important. For buildings with safety concerns, for the assistance of urban regeneration, assistance to reconstruction for urban regeneration, seismic evaluation, dismantling and reconstruction are required. The reinforcement of living safety warranty is also one of the priorities works. Furthermore, through R&D of architectural technology, engineering quality of construction is basically improved to effectively protect public life and property safety.

Introduction to the 3rd party agency to strengthen the architectural screening system

In order to protect the public safety and properties, the MOI continuously promotes amendments of “the Building Act” for the planning of buildings reaching a certain scale, design screening and inspection of construction safety. The evaluation of completed construction structure shall be checked and approved by the third independent party before further construction to reinforce construction design and quality.

Dealing with illegal buildings to reduce concerns of public safety

Reinforcing seismic resistance of public buildings for better preparation for earthquakes

Promotion of safe home projects to ensure seismic safety of buildings

Advanced disaster and fire prevention and control to improve public safety

Evaluation of seismic resistance of buildings to ensure the structural safety of buildings