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Giving People Peace of Mind and Convenience
To improve disaster prevention and rescue capabilities and to protect the safety of the public and their properties, when addressing needs for new types of disasters and rescue demands, the MOI actively reviews responsive capacities of existing mechanism to enhance responsive abilities towards disasters and reporting mechanism and continuously strengthens cloud platform functions of disaster prevention and rescue for expanded applications of disaster prevention and rescue information and for strengthening related abilities. Furthermore, cooperation and contacts between local and central governments will be continuously maintained to integrate power of different agencies to improve disaster control and rescue effectiveness. Air rescue support mechanism will be completely developed; Helicopters UH-60 “Black Hawk” have been actively equipped and various pilot training programs are strictly conducted to ensure flight and safety of pilots and to strengthen air rescue abilities.

Enhancing disaster responding effectiveness and effectively command and control in time

When there is a major disaster, the Central Emergency Operations Center shall coordinate with local emergency operations centers to promote various responsive measures. Director General of the National Fire Agency shall act as the Deputy Commander to integrate the energy of the central and local fire agencies to protect the safety of the public and their properties. If the type of major disaster is uncertain, in principle, the MOI needs to take charge of relevant counter measures and according to level of the disaster, an emergency operating task force or the Center shall be set up commanded by the Minister on the Interior in response for priority rescue works.

Cultivation of disaster prevention and rescue personnel and enhancement of disaster prevention and rescue capabilities

Strengthening air rescue effectiveness for safety