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Giving People Peace of Mind and Convenience
In the trend of globalization and rapid development of information technology, borders are minimally distinct. Flows of goods, information, and people become more rapidly, frequent, and diverse, Taiwan welcomes all positive international exchanges, but risks and threats brought by more frequent and closer international interactions cannot be overlooked. Thus, the MOI actively controls and manages its borders with technology and continuously works with police administrations worldwide to sign MOUs(protocols) for joint cooperation to fight against crimes and participates in international police organization events so as to develop cooperative channel to prevent and control transnational crimes.

Utilization of technology to control and manage national borders for enhanced national land security

To ensure national security management, Immigration Agency of MOI utilizes the high-tech to first develop and install the e-Gate System and to improve immigration clearance efficiency. By the end of 2018, the number of applicants reached more than 6.162 million and more than 75.21 million used the system for immigration clearance that effectively alleviate burdens of immigration clearance while the ”Biometrics Verification System,” “Advanced Passenger Processing System,” and “Advanced Passenger Information System” have been consecutively launched to dramatically enhance safety of arrival and departure visitors.

Advancement in human trafficking prevention -- safeguarding universal human rights

Expanding the scope of transnational cooperation to control and prevent crimes