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Giving People Peace of Mind and Convenience

To ensure security, it is important to have inter-department cooperation on issues of women, children, the youth, and indiscriminate killings. National Police Agency of MOI works with relevant personnel of prosecutor office, social affairs, civic affairs, health affairs, labor affairs and educational affairs to actively strengthen “social safety network,” to counter drug-related and fraud crimes, and to protect the safety of women and children. Based on empathy, we not only provide more advanced and suitable on-site process, but offer assistance for victims and their families to build safer social environment.

Strengthening social safety network to build a safe society

To give people a living environment without worrying about safety, the MOI continuously enhances social safety maintenance by preventing indiscriminate killings and major incidents threatening public safety; strengthens crime prevention researches of high-risk offenses in society to improve overall control and prevention efficacy; completes technology detection structure from central government to central government by setting up technology crime detection team, improving technology detection and digital forensics effectiveness, effectively dealing diverse criminal behaviors with technologies; cracks down on illegal holding of guns, organized crimes, drugs, frauds, violence, and thefts to develop victim centered criminal handling procedure, and to promote social stability.

Control and prevention of drugs, frauds, and organized crimes to ensure security and health

In order to expand inter-departmental, interdisciplinary, and transnational (cross-border) cooperation and to integrate information for cracking down on drugs and fraud sources, the MOI particularly set up the “Drug Enforcement Center” and the “Anti-Fraud Command Center” and established “National Drug Information Database” and “Integrated Platform Database of Fraud Case Information” to make use of big data to analyze criminal information related to drugs and frauds to promote anti-drug effectiveness and educate the public in time. Furthermore, with the public-private partnership, the MOI cooperates with financial, telecommunication, and online service providers to build the joint defense systems to avoid fraud crimes. The MOI also established the “Violence Eradication Program” by using strategies of “Three Hits to Get Rid of Organized Crimes” and “The Third Policing” to comprehensively cut off the supply of financial resources for gangsters.

Protection of women and children safety for their peace of mind

The MOI continuously works with various agencies to jointly promote women and children safety and to prevent the cases of domestic violence, sexual offenses, and sexual transactions from happening In addition to actively crack down on relevant criminal cases, the MOI conducts trainings which are divided into different levels about women and children safety to improve the professional abilities of the police to identify high-risk families. Through regular visits to offenders of domestic violence and registration mechanism for sexual offenders, the MOI works to reduce the risk of repeated offenses. Moreover, with the three-level reporting mechanism among police and education agencies, campus security has been continuously strengthened. And the “Agreement of Support to Maintain Campus Safety” was signed by every police precinct and school within the same jurisdiction for more effective reporting systems and better campus safety.