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The "2023 Annual Taiwan Property Management Trends Forum" was a successful event

  • PostDate:2023-11-07 11:19

"Building Renovation and Maintenance and Property Facility Management" was the theme of this forum organized by the Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior, and sponsored by the Chinese Society of Housing Studies and the Taiwan Properties and Facilities Management Association. It was held at the NTUH International Convention Center on October 18, 2020. Political Deputy Minister Hua Ching-chun from the Ministry of Interior was invited to be the guest of honor at the opening speech. About 200 people participated in the event.
The highlights of the forum presentations are as follows:
(1) Issues and responses for building renovation and maintenance in Taiwan: Introducing the issues, laws and regulations, promotion methods of seismic assessment and enhancement of existing building renovation and maintenance, adding elevators and charging stations to old houses.
(2) Discussion on renovation and maintenance of existing buildings from the perspective of the development history of buildings in Taiwan: Introducing the aging of exterior wall materials of domestic buildings, the development of building structures, common problems of old houses (seismic reinforcement, “sea-sand buildings”, water leakage, sound insulation and pipelines), and discussion of responses to market changes (standardization, preassembling and prefabrication).
(3) Discussion on renovation and maintenance strategies of existing buildings from the perspective of ESG Goals: Introducing the relationship between buildings and ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance), analyzing the connotation of international certifications such as building sustainability benchmarking indicators, as well as the procedures and standards for various certifications of buildings, and sharing successful cases of coaching certification.