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The Architectural and Building Research Institute organizes an international academic symposium on " Elderly and Barrier-free Living Environment"

  • PostDate:2023-10-23 11:10

The Architectural and Building Research Institute is going to hold the " International Academic Symposium on the Elderly and Barrier-free Living Environment" in 2023. Experts and scholars from Japan and Taiwan were invited to give 4 lectures and a conversation to jointly discuss the elderly and barrier-free living environment and share relevant research achievements, practical cases, and suggestions for amendments to relevant policies and laws. All are welcome to sign up.
Seminar keynote speech topics:
(1)Session 1: Architectural programming for elderly care facilities in Japan and therapeutic environments for dementia. (Toshi Ishii, Vice President of Tohoku Institute of Technology, Japan)
(2)Session 2: Looking at the challenges and opportunities of the elderly living alone from big data. (Lin Youda, adjunct assistant professor at Yangming Jiaotong University)
(3)Session 3: Discussion on the architectural space planning and design of community day care institutions. (Liao Huiyan, architect)
(4)Session 4: Discussion on the planning and design of barrier-free residential units in social housing. (Zeng Guangzong, Professor of Architecture Department, Chung Yuan University)
This seminar is "free to register" and mainly based on "physical participation". The relevant information is as follows:
1.Seminar time, location and registration information:
This seminar requires online registration. Please go to the " Accupass Event Website" to register online . The relevant information about the seminar and the registration URL are detailed in the attachment.
2.Relevant certificates
Those who attend the entire event on the day of the event ( subject to actual sign-in ) will receive a study certificate (electronic file) and certificate points or hours certification as follows:
(1)Certification of lifelong learning hours for civil servants.
(2)Points for renewal of architect’s practicing license from the Ministry of the Interior’s National Land Management Agency.
(1)In order to save energy , carbon, and resources, this seminar does not provide disposable dining utensils. Please bring your own water cups and tableware.
(2)The event venue does not provide parking services. Please try to use public transportation or arrange your own parking space.
4.Contact person
Ms.Chen Ailin, Architectural Planning Research Office, Department of Architecture, Chung Yuan University (03) 265-6180