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The Call-to-Service of Training of Reservist Draftees of Substitute Services will Resume Processing in September

  • PostDate:2021-09-01 16:07

Base on specific COVID-19 diseases, the call-to-service of training has postponed until the end of August in 2021 by the bulletin of Ministry of the Interior, refering to the bulletin of Ministry of National Defence that muster-call of retired reserve will incompletely operate in September; thus the call-to-service of training of reservist draftees of substitute services will resume processing in September.
The Ministry of the Interior indicated that the operating user of organization, municipality and government of country or city has been asked for follow the CDC’s guide of assembly, including limit of the numbers of people and procedure, and the “Procedure of Preventing COVID-19 in The Call-to-Service of Training of Reservist Draftee of Substitute Services”, should focus on epidemic prevention and revise the schedule or location by diseases situation or CDC’s policy whenever necessary.
The Ministry of the Interior indicated that reservist draftees who get the orders having been in the following situations during 21 days before the training day: closed contacted with confirmed cases, contacted with relatives or friends whom had foreign travel history, had lived or traveled in hot zone of diseases, quarantine  noticed from CDC for lived or contacted with confirmed cases,  had been home care for confirmed cases or quarantine officer for necessary; or have been the following situations during 14 days before the training day: the negative report after isolation, had same footprint with confirme; or had symptom of fever, cough, abnormal taste, week limbs, shortness of breath or other symptom similar to COVID-19 diseases but not improved until the day before training day, could avoid the call-to-service of training current time depend on the application to belonging local office by certified documents.