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Workshop on Fire safety and performance promoting for long term care and psychiatry service”

  • PostDate:2024-05-10 09:55

To promote the fire safety and performance of building for the institutes specialized on long term care and psychiatry service, the Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI), Ministry of the Interior, had offered a fund for Taiwan Architecture and Building Center (TABE) to start a counseling project in 2016. With a professional counseling team to offer inspection on-site and a recommendation report, this project had assisted over 76 institutes since then to help them find key problems and improve daily management on fire safety process.
This workshop was held on April 23, 2024 at International Conference Hall, Da-Ping-Lin Joint-Development Building. Three main issues had presented. First issue was “Promoting purpose and counseling results” briefed by Dr. Chen Potuan, associate researcher of ABRI. Second issue was “Study on public safe issue for psychiatry service institute” addressed by Dr. Shih Fu-Yuan, attending physician of Emergency Medical Department, National Taiwan University Hospital. Third issue was “How to identify environment safety and respond urgent event for long term care institute, and introduction of counseling operation process” by Dr. Chen Yien-Yue, Fire Department manager of TABE. There were around 220 participants attended and the workshop had completed successfully.