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Minister Lin inspected the Tainan Experimental Center of the Architecture and Building Research Institute

  • PostDate:2024-04-15 09:24

On the morning of March 22, 2024, Minister Lin Yu-Chang visited the Tainan Experimental Center of the institute, in the company of Director Wang Rong-Jing of the Architecture and Building Research Institute, Deputy Director General Hsu Yen-Hsing of the National Land Management Agency, Chief Engineer Sung Feng-Chuan from the Sustainable Land Division of the Department of Comprehensive Planning, and Professor Lin Ta-Hui and Professor Li Hsun-Ku from National Cheng Kung University.
During the visit, Minister Lin received a comprehensive briefing about the testing services provided by multiple units in the Tainan Experimental Center, including its fire experiment center, performance experiment center, and mock-up testing and wind tunnel laboratories. The briefing covered the establishment background, testing capabilities, significant achievements, key objectives, and collaborative projects between the institute and National Cheng Kung University.
In addition, Minister Lin viewed various facilities within the center, including those for fire testing of perimeter fire barriers, 10 MW calorimetry measurement system, composite column and beam furnace, door and wall furnace etc. Minister Lin expressed his affirmation towards the testing and research development capabilities of the Tainan Experimental Center.