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The 16th Intelligent Living Space Creative Design Competition Award Ceremony and Exhibition — Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior, ROC (Taiwan)

  • PostDate:2023-11-28 10:34

With the aim of popularizing the application of smart living spaces and leading the nation towards the innovative trend of smart living, promoting and expanding the intelligent building related AIoT industry, advancing architecture towards net-zero emissions, and enhancing the quality of national life, the Architecture and Building Research Institute of Ministry of Interior continues to conduct the 16th Intelligent Living Space Creative Design Competition “Creative Fantasia, Nesting toward the Future”. The competition is divided into two categories: the “Creative Fantasia” Section for the conceptual design from the college students, and the “Nesting toward the Future” Section for the practical solutions and cases applied in the living spaces from the service providers or industries.
This year’s main theme centered on integrating AIoT technology and related applications within architectural spaces and community environments. The young designers and industry professionals are encouraged to incorporate digital technology into their works to propose the new ideas or demonstrate the solutions of intelligent and net-zero buildings, enhancing the quality of living environments, improving the operational management efficiency, or implementing innovative ESG environmental sustainability.
The competition, running from April 25th to August 4th, attracted a total of 68 entries across both categories. These works were gone through the preliminary, on-site inspections (Nesting toward the Future Section only) and final reviews by the judging panel composed of experts, scholars, institutions and group representatives from the field of intelligent architecture. In the end, the outstanding works of the year had successfully selected.
The Award Ceremony and Exhibition took place in the International Conference Hall of Dapinglin Joint Development Building on November 10th., 2023. Due to the innovative significance of the competition, it attracted media coverage. Prior to the ceremony, Director General Rong-Jing Wang briefed the media on the significance of organizing this competition, highlighted the achievements of previous years, and the distinctive features of this year's works. The award ceremony commenced after Director General Wang's opening speech, then the judging committee announced and presented 17 winning awards for both "Creative Fantasia" section and "Nesting toward the Future" section. 10 works were recognized in the "Creative Fantasia" section, including the silver and bronze awards (no Gold award this year) and 8 honorable mentions. 7 works were recognized in the in the "Nesting toward the Future" section, including the gold, silver, and bronze awards, and 4 honorable mentions.
In the ceremony, the winning teams from both sections presented their works to share the inspiration and outcomes of their creations. Additionally, an exhibition of the 17 winning works was set up outside the ceremony hall to facilitate interaction between creative teams and relevant stakeholders for exchanging and inspiring the thoughts on the application of smart technology in living spaces. The Ceremony and Exhibition concluded and showcased the fruitful results of this year's competition. The event hosted a total of 130 participants, and it was covered by 17 media outlets.
The list of winners of the 16th Intelligent Living Space Creative Design Competition “Creative Fantasia, Nesting toward the Future” can be accessed on the competition's official website (