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The Architecture and Building Research Institute(ABRI), Ministry of the Interior, ROC (Taiwan) held an international academic symposium on "The Elderly and Barrier-free Living Environment" with a successful ending.

  • PostDate:2023-11-23 12:05

In response to the aging trend in our country, the design of spaces and facilities suitable for the elderly has become increasingly important. On the morning of November 7, 2023, the ABRI held the "International Academic Symposium on Elderly and Barrier-free Living Environment" at the International Conference Hall on the 15th floor of Dapinglin Joint Development Building. The ABRI invited Tohoku Institute of Technology Vice President ISHII Satoshi to give a speech "Architectural planning of elderly care facilities in Japan and the healing environment for dementia", Professor Lin Youda of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University gave a speech "Looking at the challenges and opportunities of the elderly living alone from big data", Architect Liao Huiyan gave a speech " Discussion on the architectural space planning and design of community day care centers", and Professor Tseng Kuangtsung gave a speech on "Discussion on Planning and Design of Barrier-free Residential Units in Social Housing". After the speeches, there was a wonderful comprehensive discussion among lecturers and relevant experts. There were about 160 people in the audience, all of whom participated enthusiastically. This seminar was highly praised and ended successfully.