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Substitute Services Draftees Donate Blood and Show Love and Devotion to Public Welfare for 16 Years Continuously

  • PostDate:2023-05-24 16:59

     The Substitute Service Training Center, located in Cheng Kung Mountain, Taichung, has been encouraging draftees to donate blood for charity since 2007. It has been implementing blood donation activities regularly for 16 years, and coordinating with Taichung Blood Center to deploy bloodmobiles to encourage draftees to donate blood for charity. The Substitute Service Training Center has been selected as the ‘Annual Blood Donation Performance Excellence Group’ by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health and Welfare for 16 consecutive years.
     The National Conscription Agency encourages draftees to "serve the community and the public good" by expanding the number of draftees engaged in public service. Especially in the past 3 years during the COVID-19 period, the blood bank continued to be insufficient, draftees' blood donations have helped the national blood supply greatly. The draftees also encourage more people to care for the underprivileged by showing their love and devotion to public welfare, and set the best example for "A Gift that Saves Lives".