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The Institute of Architecture of the Ministry of the Interior published the "Reference Manual for Anti-seismic Countermeasures for Furniture and Home Appliances."

  • PostDate:2021-04-21 17:29

This is a handbook for all ages. Curious primary school students can find many interesting knowledge about earthquake disasters. Promising young adults can find reliable implementations such as furniture configuration strategies, selection points of protective accessories and installation methods here. As soon as the tips show their skills, the silver-haired tribe with riches and grandchildren can also join the ranks to exercise their mind and body, and work together to create a comfortable and safe home. When a major earthquake strikes, not only individuals and family members are safe, but the entire society will also reduce casualties. The demand for emergency rescue and emergency medical resources will be halved and can be invested in more urgent places; as the impact of the disaster is reduced, the response capacity is improved, and recovery after the disaster will be faster. This is the essence of a disaster resilient society. This manual welcomes all circles to reprint and apply, spread this concept and knowledge, and turn it into a force for action. Everyone will become a member of the earthquake-resistant national team, making our society safer and happier.