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[Old House Reconstruction Technique] The Institute of Architecture of the Ministry of the Interior has developed a phased seismic reinforcement design method for existing buildings to prevent collapse.

  • PostDate:2021-04-21 17:17

Mid-to-high-rise buildings with mixed residential and commercial buildings often result in weak floors and irregular flat facades due to their use functions, which are prone to earthquake damage or even collapse. Therefore, considering economy, space constraints, and without prejudice to existing functions, increase the strength or toughness of structural members such as column walls, so that the building can be improved with a phased reinforcement plan that costs less, so as to improve the seismic performance as soon as possible. , To prevent the building from collapsing comprehensively, without relying on the reinforcement plan for all floors, and complete the anti-collapsing seismic reinforcement as soon as possible. The evaluation design method and the corresponding reinforcement method developed by the Institute of Architecture of the Ministry of the Interior have been included in the Ministry of the Interior Construction Agency and the National Earthquake Project Research Center promotes the use of "Seismic Reinforcement for Private Buildings", and publishes the "Reinforced Concrete Building Structure Seismic Reinforcement Technical Reference Manual" for practical reference in the industry.