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            promote the cross-agency notification service. For example, when the people register for the death of
            relatives, at the same time, they can also apply for notification of life insurance check, health insurance
            division, death payment of labor insurance and other services. One can also apply for the Maternity
            Benefit subsidized by Ministry of Labor while registering the child’s Birth. The MOI wishes to streamline
            the application process by accepting all forms at one place for people.

               In terms of land administration business, to elevate land price assessment efficiency, the MOI has
            improved the assessment of current land value and government-published land value, planning to use
            big data analysis to build computer assisted mass appraisal model. Besides, the MOI has improved real
            estate actual transaction price registration system and related laws to promote development of the real
            estate transaction market.

               In the administration of conscription, the MOI will again accept the application by the draftees who
            were born in and after 1994 with the underprivileged family backgrounds or religious beliefs for alternative
            military service, so as to conform to the transition of conscription policy successfully. The MOI will increase
            the energy of social services, incorporate the academic expertise of the draftees, and encourage them to
            actively participate in diverse public welfare activities like care for underprivileged children after school,
            home-care for solitary senior citizens and blood donation.

               In coordination with the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program adopted by the
            Executive Yuan, the MOI stipulated and promulgated “The Regulations Governing Employment Gold
            Card Permit for Foreign Special Professionals” in February 2018. To recruit and attract skilled professionals,
            the MOI established the “Foreign professionals online application platform” to facilitate the issuance
            of Employment Gold Card through the Internet. Furthermore, through the operation of inter-ministerial
            “Coordination Meeting on Immigration Affairs” platform and by the support of the New Immigrant
            Development Funds, the MOI has continuously reinforced and fulfilled the new immigrants and their
            descendants’ rights and interests, as well as to implement the New Southbound Policy.

               The MOI will follow the administrative vision of “Creating a secure and supportive environment,”
            “Bringing a Sustainable system” and “A balanced-developed Taiwan” of the Executive Yuan, and
            actively create an environment of “Housing Friendly,” laying an important foundation for the country to
            build for the economy, deepening the democratic system and carry out social justice while promoting
            “Building a Secure Society,” “Implementing Sustainable Land Development, Protecting Housing
            Rights” and “Relaxing Regulations while providing Streamlined Services,” laying a solid foundation for
            nation’s overall economic development and create a happy home of soundness, peace and trust.

                                                                              Minister of the Interior
                                                                                    November 2018

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