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               In terms of air rescue, 9 Blackhawk helicopters have been obtained with following 6 more coming in
            subsequently before the end of year 2020 to enhance the capability of multi-dimensional disaster relief.

            II. Implementing Sustainable Land Development and Protecting
                Housing Rights

            1. Ensure Land Use Sustainability and Improve Urban Renewal Policies

               To adjust to climate change, assure homeland security, strengthen land consolidation and
            management mechanisms, the MOI has announced the National spatial plan, which has established with
            specific strategies for national spatial development, growth management, sectoral spatial development,
            climate change adaptation, disaster prevention strategies, demarcation of functional zone and land
            use control, so as to achieve the goal of safety, order and harmony. The MOI also guides the special
            municipality and county/city governments the development of spatial plans to promote the reasonable
            allocation of land resources.

               For the purpose of implementing integrated coastal zone management, preventing coastal disasters
            and damage to the environment, conserving and restoring resources, the MOI mitigates the impact
            of environmental sensitive areas through a development and utilization permission review system. The
            MOI also keeps up the spirit of “wise use” to regulate every development plan in accordance with the
            characteristics of each wetland, respecting people’s rights to use as well as their rights to work and to

               In order to promote urban renewal actively, the MOI has reviewed and revised the Urban Renewal Act
            thoroughly in eight aspects, such as clear reward regulation and tax deduction to solve practical dilemma.
            Moreover, the MOI will practice “three plus one defense line” which includes the urban planning review,
            hearing holding, application enhancing Review Committee of urban renewal and negotiation platform
            establishment to strengthen procedural justice and raise people’s trust. Furthermore, the Urban Renewal
            Act will add a new chapter about government-led urban renewal and provide financial aid to perfect the
            urban renewal mechanism.

            2. Protect Housing Rights and Establish Friendly Living Environment

               To enforce housing rights and to achieve the goal of providing 200,000 new rental units over the next
            eight years, the MOI has been coordinating land and finance for constructing social housing for each local
            governments, providing multi-function support system to take care of the living demand, combining with
            experimental projects such as youth entrepreneurial guidance and barrier-free facilities to make social
            housing become high-quality dwellings. Additionally, the MOI is actively executing policies that sublease
            housing units from private landlords and manage the properties on their behalf. The special municipality
            governments have implemented the plan so as to achieve the goal of “Landlords rent houses without
            worries, rental agents manage attentively and tenants live with ease”.

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