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2013-05-06 14:29

Taroko National Park Headquarters wins a bronze medal at the 46th WorldFest-Houston with Echoing Taroko

 Earlier this year, Taroko National Park HQ’s aborigine documentary Echoing Taroko won a Merit Prize in the short film category in The Accolade competition in California; then, in April, the film won a bronze medal at the 46th WorldFest-Houston; these successes have made the film the pride of the Taroko tribe.

Echoing Taroko is the first documentary to be made 100% in the Taroko’s native language and to use musical technique to interpret the life and culture of the tribe and the connotations of ancient tunes. WorldFest-Houston is one of the oldest film festivals in the US; this year over 4500 films from 33 countries took part and competition was fierce.

The film Echoing Taroko, commissioned by Taroko National Park Headquarters, has won international honors and acclaim. To preserve and pass on the essence of Taroko tribe culture, director Yang Xiang-wen was enlisted to make the film by Taroko National Park Headquarters. The film was made over a two-year period and uses traditional music and dance to tell the story of the Taroko tribe, presenting important aspects of the tribe’s culture such as facial tattoos, fabric weaving, rattan weaving, mouth harp, the xylophone and hunting etc. The content is based on careful research and each traditional Taroko tune tells the story of the early migration of the tribe’s ancestors, and marriage and farming and other everyday but extraordinary aspects of life. All the performers in the film are residents of Taroko villages and the narration is all in Taroko language, the film truly recording and preserving one of Taiwan’s precious cultural assets as well as taking the opportunity to introduce Taroko culture to the world.

Taroko National Park Headquarters Director Tseng Wei-hung said that the Taroko tribe is a valuable asset of the nation so we should do our best to preserve culture in the park; the winning of these awards by Echoing Taroko has made the film the pride of the tribe. To allow more people to understand the Taroko tribe’s culture and to promote it, Taroko National Park is, in addition to issuing Echoing Taroko on DVD, also taking group bookings for showings of the film at the park headquarters’ visitor center and Buluowan Service Station. It is hoped that this fine documentary will help more people take an interest in aborigine culture and that they will visit to see the beautiful scenery of Hualien for themselves.

News issued by Taroko National Park Headquarters

Translated by Kevin Lax

Photo description: Taroko National Park Headquarters wins a bronze medal at the 46th WorldFest-Houston with Echoing Taroko