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MOI News
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Non-Discounted, Non-Disrupted Special Violent Credit Debt Collection Complaint Line Service Around the Clock!

2006/10/20 Spokesperson’s Office

Minister of the Internal Affairs Lee Yi-yang expressed that since the operation of the Violent Credit Debt Collection Complaint Line during 240-day period from February 23 to October 19, 2006, 84 cases of violent Credit Debt Collection have been filed and processed, with an average of 0.4 case per day. In addition to the violent Credit Debt Collection cases, a total of 39 consultation calls have been made on the 24 non-working days from August until today, with an average of only 1.6 calls per day. Two colleagues were on rotational duties answering the calls, with each receiving only one call during the twelve-hour shift, which is slightly a waste of manpower utilization. Therefore, in considerations of non-discounted special line service quality, no disruptions on holidays, and better manpower utilization efficiency, the special line calls, from October 21, 2006, will be directly transferred to the cellular phone of the Minister’s Office Secretary on holidays for processing.

Minister Lee indicated that this special line will in service, regardless of non-working days and holidays, from 8am to 8pm everyday and will be directly answered by the Minister’s Office Secretary in person for calls made by the public. Among the 84 violent Credit Debt Collection cases, 63 cases involving 124 individuals have been investigated, filed, and prosecuted by the police, with a 75% case closure rate. To be noted, 34 threat and freedom obstruction cases accounted for more than half of the total number of cases; 10 cases were transferred within 24 hours to the local Prosecutor’s Office for investigation. This special line is responsive and effective against crimes. Thus, when any member of the general public encounters the case of violent Credit Debt Collection, please bravely call the special line, and we will investigate and process the case with all efforts.

Minister Lee stated that upon considering the function of the special line against improper Credit Debt Collections and the respective manpower invested, it will be directly transferred to the cellular phone of the Minister’s Office Secretary for answering from this Saturday on non-working days and holidays. The service format of the special line for non-working days and holidays will be changed, but the special line number 02-2356-5009, investigation efficiency, service quality, and service hours will remain totally the same to continue serving the general public.

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