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“1996 Hotline of Interior Affairs” Officially Goes on Line, Making MOI First Central Government Agency to Provide Single-Window Services

“1996 Hotline of Interior Affairs” Officially Goes on Line, Making MOI First Central Government Agency to Provide Single-Window ServicesAfter three months of trial operation, the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) held a press conference on November 24, 2011 for the “1996 Hotline of Interior Affairs” to go on line officially. Minister of the Interior Jiang Yi-huah said the MOI is in charge of a very wide range of affairs, including registration of marriage and birth, providing various social welfare and subsidies, registration of housing transfers and emergency reporting which all are closely related to people’s daily lives. In order to more rapidly and effectively respond to people’s opinions and demands, the MOI has merged some service hotlines under its jurisdiction to become the first central government agency to launch a single-window service hotline.

The “1996 Hotline of Interior Affairs” is in operation between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. everyday throughout the year to provide services on interior affairs consulting, telephone call transfer, pleading handling, dealing with reported corruption cases, petition services and social welfare referrals. When receiving a phone call from the public, the operator will provide services through direct reply, phone call transfer, tree-way phone call or assigning the case according to the problems involved.

Minister Jiang said providing single-window services aims at making it “convenient for people” and hoping to prevent the inconvenience for people to remember many telephone numbers, so that simply by dialing the number “1996” people can immediately enjoy the considerate services provided by MOI employees. In addition, Minister Jiang said the MOI will also conduct statistical analysis of received phone calls and satisfaction surveys, expecting that the “1996 Hotline of Interior Affairs” can become an information center for the MOI to understand people’s needs, follow up service performance of ministry departments and support decision-making on various MOI businesses.

The MOI noted that the “1996 Hotline of Interior Affairs” received 4,346 phone calls during trial operations between August 1 and November 22, 2011 with a through rate of 86% and the callers inquired mainly about social welfare, household registration, police and construction business. During the trial period the MOI strengthened operators’ system operations, operation procedures, improved relevant software and hardware equipment, increased frequently asked questions about interior affairs, strengthened educational training for operators, increased the number of operators from 4 to 8, and established a follow-up mechanism for petition and reporting phone call services to ensure people’s rights and interests.

There are many subordinate agencies and units under the MOI and a total of 54 service hotlines, which are difficult for people to remember them all. After setting up the “1996 Hotline,” the MOI will combine the MOI telephone switchboard (02-2356-5000), public petition hotline (0800-088-995), government ethics hotline (0800-070-885), violent debt-collection reporting hotline (02-2356-5009), toll-free container security check reporting hotline (0800-888-150) at the Special Police Third Corp Headquarter, National Police Agency, Teacher Guan toll-free hotline (0800-361-666) at the Keelung Harbor Police Office, Police Radio Station Service Center (0800-110-110) and 16 other hotlines subsequently in the future. And in line with the organizational transformation of the Executive Yuan, existing hotlines related to various welfare services will continue their consulting services and provide call transfer services. As to telephone numbers for emergency use with which people are familiar such as 110, 119, 113, 165 and 1991, they will maintain the existing system and continue providing services.

The “1996 Hotline of Interior Affairs” will charge callers using ordinary telephone from anywhere in the country NT$1.6 every 3 minutes; and callers using mobile phone will be charged NT$0.06 per second.

The MOI said as society changed rapidly, people’s demands have become more diversified and the government has revised various policies and laws and regulations accordingly. The ministry will strengthen publicity for the “1996 Hotline of Interior Affairs” to familiarize people with the channel through which they can seek consultation and assistance regarding interior affairs. On the other hand, the MOI will encourage its various units and subordinate agencies to actively take and deal with cases through performance appraisals, and strengthen communications with other government resources, hoping to provide substantive services through the hotline and enhance the effectiveness of government services through horizontal and vertical connections in the public sector. And people are welcome to make more use of the “1996 Hotline of Interior Affairs.”

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