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Enjoy a smoke-free environment-Smoking banned on Shakadang Trail and Swallow Grotto Trail

Enjoy a smoke-free environment-Smoking banned on Shakadang Trail and Swallow Grotto TrailTo create a smoke-free environment for visitors, Taroko National Park Headquarters has announced a smoking ban on Shakadang Trail and Swallow Grotto Trail in the park. “No smoking” signs have been erected along the trails. Visitors can now enjoy a smoke-free environment as they enjoy walking on these two trails.

A Taroko National Park Headquarters spokesperson pointed out that these two trails are two of the most heavily used trails in the park so anyone smoking on the trails will not only affect others around them, they will also have an impact on the natural environment. Smoking in indoor public spaces is banned under the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, however, smoking outside can also be banned if approved by a governing agency. The decision by Taroko National Park Headquarters to ban smoking on Shakadang and Swallow Grotto trails is the first time smoking has been banned outdoors in a national park in Taiwan and the park headquarters does not rule out extending the ban to other outdoor areas in the future after observing the effectiveness of the measure.

No smoking signs have already been erected along the trails to remind visitors not to smoke, however, designated smoking areas have also been established, in accordance with the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, to meet the needs of smokers. The designated smoking area for Shakadang Trail is Shakadang car park, while Swallow Grotto Trail’s smoking area is Jinheng Park.

Taroko National Park Headquarters calls on visitors to cooperate with this new measure and asks that tour guides be sure to inform the groups they lead of it. Members of the public can also assist in the implementation of the smoking ban by politely requesting any visitor they see smoking on the two trails to refrain from doing do so.

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