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Social workers protest
Social workers protest at the Ministry of theInterior Friday in Taipei City after they wereaccused of negligence in a case that ended in asuicide earlier this month. CNA photo April 23,2010
Shoushan to be natural park
The Ministry of the Interior has decided thatShoushan district in Kaohsiung City (seen in thephoto) will be designated as a natural parkinstead of a conservation area, which willprevent it from being destroyed or improperlyexploited.CNA photo May 10, 2010
Denture-fitting subsidy expanded
The Ministry of the Interior announces Fridaythat an additional 10,000 lower income seniorswill be able to receive up to NT$40,000 insubsidies to be fitted with dentures. CNA photo April 16, 2010
Civic groups to protest
Civic groups raise banners Thursday in front ofthe Ministry of the Interior to protest that thegovernment's Youth Housing Subsidy program showsignorance the rights of most citizens. Thepolicy targets couples married for less than twoyears or have children under the age of 20.CNA photo March 25, 2010
Child victims of typhoon
Child victims of Typhoon Morakot raise theirhands to answer questions during a game at aChildren's Day event held by Ministry of theInterior at Taipei 101 shopping mall Saturday.CNA photo April 3, 2010
Gov't promotes gender equality through theater production
The Ministry of the Interior presents a playSaturday in Taipei to discuss cultural conceptsand customs in relation to gender equality onthe eve of International Women's Day on March 8.CNA photo 2010/03/06
More qualified babysitters needed
A mother holds a baby at a press conference atthe Legislative Yuan Tuesday. Legislator HuangWei-cher, who arranged the conference, said theMinistry of the Interior offered rewards forhaving babies but didn't help provide supportonce the babies were born. CNA photo March 23, 2010
Taroko National Park HQ holds a “Central Cross -Island Highway 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving concert”
May 9 was the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Central Cross-Island Highway, the first highway across the Central Mountain Range. At 1.30pm on May 8 Taroko National Park Headquarters held the “Central Cross-Island Highway 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving concert” on the Taroko Terrace lawn, using...
National park mountaineering school exploration activity
National park mountaineering school exploration activityMental and physically challenged teenagers have a memorable timeIn early April Taroko National Park Mountaineering School organized an exploration activity for physically and mentally challenged teenagers from the Hualien area, allowing a group...
150 people collect 200 kg of trash during the Mt. Hehuan spring clean-up
The “2010 spring Mt. Hehuan clean-up” sponsored jointly by Taroko National Park, Dongshi Forest District of the Forestry Bureau and Taiwan Mountain Rescue Association, and co-organized by Taiwan Ah Gan Spiritual Development Association (台灣阿甘), Taichung Harbor Southeast Rotary Club, Taroko National P...
NT$1 million for best slogan
Vice Interior Minister Chien Tai-lang announcesFriday the launch of a contest to see who cancome up with the best slogan to boost Taiwan'sbirth rate. The winner will receive a cash prizeof NT$1 million. CNA Photo March 26, 2010
Seven-in-one elections
Interior Minister Jiang Yi-huah says Wednesdaythat seven kinds of local elections will be heldon the same day starting in 2014.CNA Photo March 10, 2010
Care for disadvantaged
Interior Minister Jiang Yi-huah (right) says the1957 care hotline will remain open throughoutthe Chinese New Year holiday to provideemergency assistance to the underprivileged.CNA Photo Jan. 25, 2010
Premier makes bread
Premier Wu Den-yih (center) tries his hand atbread-making during a visit to the NantouEducation and Nursing Institute in MingjianTownship, Nantou County Saturday. The institute,operated by the Ministry of the Interior, isdedicated to training the mentally challengedfor work.CNA photo, Jan. 23, 2010
Premier visits training institute
Premier Wu Den-yih (left) plants a tree at theNantou Education and Nursing Institute inMingjian Township, Nantou County Saturday. Astudent (right) at the institute, which is runby the Ministry of the Interior to trainmentally challenged people for work, helps Wuwith the planting.CNA photo, Jan. 23, ...
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