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Taroko National Park mobilizes against mile-a minute weed and calls on the public to join the fight against invasive species
To prevent the spread of Mikania micrantha (mile-a minute weed), Taroko National Park Headquarters’ Suhua Service Station chose the Oct-2-3 national holiday, a time before the plant flowers, to mobilize its staff, cleaners and 12 volunteers to carry out Mikania micrantha clearance work on forest lan...
Role model for public servants
Interior Minister Jiang Yi-huah presents Chen Shan- hsu, chief ofthe Social Welfare Worker's Training Center, with an award for beinga model public servant at a ceremony held by the National PoliceAgency in Taipei Tuesday. CNA photo Sept. 14, 2010
Mooncakes for charity
Interior Minister Jiang Yi-huah (second right) promotes mooncakesmade by a group of disabled persons at a press conference in TaipeiMonday. Jiang urged people to order goods from the charity bakerywhen choosing gifts for the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept.22. CNA photo Se...
Reporting good news
Deputy Minister of the Interior Chien Tai-langmakes a phone call at a press conferenceWednesday to congratulate the winner of a slogancontest held to promote childbirth andparenting. The slogan "Children are a family'sbest treasure" won the contest's NT$1 million(US$31,226) prize. CNA photo Sept. 1,...
Disaster prevention forum
Interior Minister Jiang Yi-huah (first right)listens Tuesday to residents of Heping Townshipin Taichung County talk about the results ofsoil and water conservation measures at a forumon strengthening disaster-prevention measures.CNA photo Aug. 24, 2010
Eight enterprises and groups generously donate hard hats to Taroko National Park Headquarters
To make visits to Taroko Gorge safer, eight enterprises and groups have donated a total of 2660 hard hats to the park headquarters. The hard hats will give visitors extra protection when admiring Taroko Gorge. This is the second time hard hats have been donated following the first similar donation i...
Good job
Interior Minister Jiang Yi-huah (left) checks onpublications displayed at a presentation by theTaichung County Police Bureau Wednesday in thecompany of Chen Kuo-en (right), director-generalof the bureau. The event was held to showcasethe bureau's efforts to improve its servicequality. CNA photo Aug....
our dolphins
Environmentalists and their children holdposters and dolphin balloons at the Ministry ofthe Interior Wednesday to urge the protection ofthe endangered Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, orpink dolphin, found in coastal waters offwestern Taiwan. CNA photo July 7, 2010
Showing concern
Vice President Vincent Siew (left) consoles WuChi-fong (center), a National Filial Piety Awardwinner from Tainan County, at the award ceremonyheld in Taipei County Friday. Wu's grandmotherwent missing two days ago after falling intofloodwaters. On the right is Interior MinisterJiang Yi-huah. CNA pho...
Minister attends rescue seminar
Minister of the Interior Jiang Yi-huah (fourthleft) poses with local rescue workers in theKaohsiung and Pingtung area at a disasterprevention and rescue seminar held ahead of theAug. 8 anniversary of Typhoon Morakot.CNA photo July 20, 2010
Minister attends disaster seminar
Minister of the Interior Jiang Yi-huah (left)speaks at a seminar about technologyapplications for disaster prevention and rescuein Chiayi City Wednesday. On the right isSouthern Taiwan Joint Services Center ExecutiveDirector Luo Shih-hsiung.CNA photo July 14, 2010
Expressing his thanks
Minister of the Interior Jiang Yi-huah (back,center) expresses his gratitude to rulingKuomintang lawmakers at the Legislature Tuesdayfor passing amendments to the DisasterPrevention and Protection Act. The revisionswill turn the National Fire Agency into theDisaster Prevention and Protection Agency....
CDC applicants reach 2 million
Minister of the Interior Jiang Yi-huah (left)gives an Apple iPad to Wang Tzu-tu (center), the2 millionth applicant for citizen digitalcertificates, in Taipei Thursday. CNA photo June 17, 2010
Minister reports on anti-crime efforts
Minister of the Interior Jiang Yi-huah (front)inspects the result of police crackdown on crimeat the Criminal Investigation Bureau Thursday.CNA photo June 10, 2010
Minister battles fraud
Minister of the Interior Jiang Yi-huah (fourthleft) and officials from Taoyuan County prepareto cut a huge cake at an anti-fraud activity inTaoyuan County Tuesday. CNA photo June 8, 2010
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