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2013-05-27 09:35
TGOS CLOUD explores new life experience
Ministry of the Interior has been working on the establishment of relevant geographic information database, such as topographic database, land information database, land-use planning database, public pipelines database, social economic database and the completion of a number of geographic information map owned infrastructure results on the National Geographic Information System (NGIS) for years; however, the geographic information map owned infrastructure results are dispersed in each packet database, making government units are incapable of comprehensive understanding the completion of the NGIS figure asset system status immediately. In view of the geographic information map database is dispersed in various units, the birth of Taiwan Geospatial One Stop (TGOS) is expected to contribute to reduce government units system services re-build costs and hopes the platform can integrate the nine geographic databases maps and services in order to save the cost and schedule of various government units map data as well as reduce a shared API repeat development costs.

This year, the Ministry of the Interior will use the latest cloud computing technology and the concept and use of Open Data to upgrade the TGOS to TGOS CLOUD, and thus enhance service performance. TGOS CLOUD is characterized as three dimensions: firstly, an unified collection of basic map data required by major national construction, as well as integrate and use the build results of various government agencies to provide detailed, rich in geochemical map information; secondly, providing standard MAP Tile which can be directly applied by various government agencies to reduce the human repetitive processing information; thirdly, establishing its own domestic national shared map service (TGOS MAP API), free use for government agencies, to become a new option of the application and reduce hardware and software deployment and system development costs of various government agencies.

The establishment of TGOS CLOUD aims at building map data supply platform for governments as a demonstration of Open Data and developing TGOS MAP API, providing the latest version of the electronic map for government agencies, saving costs for government departments on purchasing or building software and hardware of electronic map, and investing the funds on services for people in order to build partnership between government-to-government (G2G) and government-to-business (G2B).

Ministry of the Interior is actively promoting one of the highlighted policies—“Overview on disaster prevention, ensuring for homeland security”, the establishment of TGOS CLOUD is helpful to collect and integrate the base map data and then provides the information required by major national construction to the relevant units, so government units can benefit from the value-added applications for disaster protection and allow people to experience the map and data services and thus to create sustainable happy home.

Minister Lee explains explicitly to the prospect and use of TGOS CLOUD at press conference.Minister Lee explains explicitly to the prospect and use of TGOS CLOUD at press conference.
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