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2013-05-20 15:12
Sharing the sweet burden on nursing with the government
“Wow~Wow~Wow”, the parents were touched by the coming of the baby and moved by the baby’s simple-hearted waving and cry; however, oppositely, they were worrying about how to take care of the baby, resign to themselves, or to babysitter? For the sake of both of them are need to work, as a result, there are numerous problems regarding the future of the family come to follow hard at heel.

The parents thus go to ask for advice on line; the enthusiastic users share the information of “2013 execution performance of establishing friendly nursing environment press conference”, which stated that in order to support family childcare, government has launched “subsidy for childcare fee to babysitter”, “allowances for the parental leave”, “child-raising allowance for the family of unemployed parent”, “ medical subsidy for children“ and “childcare resource center” five national measures, the Ministry of the Interior also explains explicitly to the effectiveness of implementation, number of beneficiaries, people’s reflection and development, while encouraging people to apply for these subsidies.

After a careful research and discussion, the parents decide to take care of their first baby personally hoping that they can accompany the child to grow, so the mother will ask for the parental leave for the first year and apply for parental leave allowance of 60 percent of salary for the first six months and NTD 2,500 allowances for unemployed parent family childcare in the rest of six months; the father will ask for the same in the second year to reduce the financial burden. The parents are also aware of that in case of the baby is sick or hospitalized within three years old, the government will fully subsidize the costs of copayment of health insurance, so that the baby can grow up healthy with no fear from the information shared by the users. In addition, the parents even know that the government has set up childcare resource center where they can go to class and play games together with the small baby, which of great help for the novice parents.

The government is duty-bound to assist families in childcare, and in recent years, the government has been actively promoting various maternity incentives and parental support measures, the implementation so far, to a certain effectiveness; such as there are 109,505 people have benefited from the subsidy for childcare fee to babysitter by the amount of 2.1 billion since April, 2008 till now; the proportion of sending child to community babysitter system increases year by year, from 4.07% in 2008 to 8.42% in 2012. There are 212,563 people were benefited from childcare allowances set up at last year, the amount of subsidy is up to 4.1 billion which extends beyond the original estimate of 1 billion. Speaking of the labors, there are 152,452 people have benefited from the allowances for the parental leave since 2009 till 2012 by the amount of more than 13.3 billion. These data show that the government does assist more and more parents in bring up their children, and the government will continue to work hard in the future in order to become powerful supporter for parents and allow more and more people to be willing to marry, procreate and capable of raising their children.

Sharing the sweet burden on nursing with the government
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