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2013-02-25 09:15
The 2012 TGOS International Conference
The Taiwan GeoSpatial One Stop (TGOS), an online portal initiated by the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) in 2005, is now the nation’s most comprehensive geospatial database. TGOS offers users access to all of Taiwan’s geographical information and makes it quicker than ever for those who want to request specific geospatial information. Whether you are looking for a topographic map as detailed as 1:1000 in scale, or for the exact location of a certain range of house numbers, all your geospatial questions will be answered by logging onto the TGOS online platform at

With the objectives of promoting the TGOS system and to facilitate international exchanges related to storing and sharing geospatial data, the MOI’s Information Center held a one-day international seminar to discuss issues related to the online geographic platform at the National Taiwan University Hospital’s (NTUH) international conference room 301 on Aug. 15, 2012.

The seminar, titled the 2012 TGOS International Conference, took off with opening speeches made by three keynote speakers – MOI Administrative Deputy Minister Lin Tzu-ling, Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) Vice Chairman Huang Wan-shiang and the Executive Yuan’s Science and Technology Advisory Group Deputy Secretary-General Huang Yen-nun.

The 2012 TGOS International ConferenceIn the awards ceremony that followed the appearance of the three VIP guests, the MOI’s Information Center commended several federal agencies for their contribution to the TGOS platform. Citing achievements such as the expansion of the real-time graphics database as well as the enhanced navigability of the web interface, the organizers honored 16 agencies under 3 awards categories: (1) Outstanding map provider to National Geographic Information System (NGIS), (2) Outstanding map circulation in TGOS Services and (3) Excellence in TGOS Partnership.

The 2012 TGOS International Conference also featured three academic presentations made by foreign experts on the topic of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). The lectures outlined the core values of SDI, the trends and future applications of geospatial-based technology as well as the impact and convenience brought by such systems. The foreign speakers ended their presentations by highlighting SDI development in several advanced societies in effort to emphasize the importance of the MOI’s groundwork in TGOS.

The 2012 TGOS International ConferenceAfter the well-received foreign lecturers, the MOI’s Information Center took the stage to promote the latest additions to the nation’s TGOS platform, especially in regards to data warehousing and house number identification. The officials hoped that Taiwan’s technological expertise and hard-earned experiences will inspire both domestic and foreign developers to come up with more creative solutions to TGOS data storage, management and distribution services.

Attended by more than 200 industry representatives, businesspeople, academics and federal officials, the 2012 TGOS International Conference was a success in promoting exchanges among all those interested in geographic information systems and in raising the international profile of Taiwan’s TGOS prowess.

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