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2019-05-10 09:00
$560k in Total Prize National Green Building Painting Contest and Photography Contest Now Launched.
In recent years, climate change and global warming have become environmental issues capturing worldwide attention. With a view to encourage the public to reflect on the impact of global warming on their living environment, the Architecture and Building Research Institute is committed to promoting concepts in green building, emission reduction, sustainability and environmental protection. We strive to make green building education take root so that the public gain knowledge about green building starting from a young age. To enhance the effect of fundamental education on green building, the 4th National Green Building Painting Contest will be upscaled in 2019. The open and animated creative process participants are engaged in during the painting contest will enhance the level of observation and understanding of green building by primary and junior high school students. The scope of fundamental education has now been expanded to cover junior high school and university students with the addition of the National Green Building Photography Contest. These diversified and fun-filled events will guide students as they familiarize themselves with green building concepts. The submission period for the contests will start from May 1 and end on June 28, 2019. With up to $562,000 in total prize money, students from all levels across the country are all invited to participate. Please refer to the official event websites for details (;, or call the following number: (02)8667-6111 Ext.123, 128, and 181.

The National Green Building Painting Contest has been held ever since 2016. Green building education via digital materials, guided visits of demonstrative green building sites and low-carbon green building tours are incorporated, and students, teachers and parents are encouraged to visit green buildings in person. By creating artworks during the contest, students gain further exposure to the meaning of energy conservation and sustainability embedded in green building. To encourage students to participate, the following prizes will be awarded for each of the Junior/Middle/Senior GradePrimary School divisions and Junior High School division: 1 Grand Prize, 5 Excellence Awards, 15 Merit Awards and several Nominees; gift certificates for books, a certificate of merit and prizes of $3000, $2000, $1500 and $500, relatively, totaling $202,000.

The National Green Building Photography Contestwill be held for the first time this year, expanding the scope of fundamental education to cover senior high school and university students. The theme will be capturing images of outstanding green buildings or buildings that have obtained Green Building Labeling. The goal of the photography contest is to guide students in taking the initiative to find and visit green buildings, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of green building education and promotion. The following prizes will be awarded for each of the Senior High School division and University division: 1 First Prize, 2 Second Prizes, 3 Third Prizes and 20 Merit Awards; a certificate of merit and prizes of $20000, $15,000, $10,000 and $5000, relatively, totaling $360,000.

The National Green Building Painting Contest and Photography Contest will help green building education take roots across all levels of schools and strengthen the effectiveness of green building promotion by encouraging students to participate in related activities and learn basic green building concepts. In doing so, we hope to create together a sustainable living environment that is "ecological, energy saving, waste reducing and healthy".

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