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2019-03-11 09:00
Embracing Talents all over the world Ministry of Interior: Naturalization of high-level professionals grew by fourfold in 2018
It has been two full years after the promulgation of the Nationality Act on December 21, 2016. The statistics of the Ministry of Interior indicated that there were 65 high-level professionals meeting the requirements of naturalization under the Nationality Act who were successfully naturalized as citizens of the Republic of China without renouncing their own nationalities. In addition, there were 52 people passing the review in 2018, which was an increase by fourfold as compared with only 13 people passing the review in the same period of the previous year. This reflects the gradual attainment of the goal of “admitted and stayed with respect”.

Of all the high-level professionals applying for naturalization of ROC citizenship in the last 2 years, most were applying under the “education category”. There were 32 applicants, of whom 29 were university professors giving lectures in languages, physics, statistics, and other academic disciplines including Madam Bo, a translator of ancient languages, Sanskrit, and mathematics and research scholar. She is well disciplined in science and is familiar with Asian culture and philosophy, and was recognized with a “Distinguished Overseas Teacher” award presented by the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs of France. Another professional specialized in the history of the oriental and occidental world is Mr. Chi. His academic works were translated into Chinese, Korean, and English, and were also conferred awards from Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University in outstanding literature works. These professors constitute an input to the higher education environment of Taiwan in terms of multiculturalism.

In addition, Mr. Lin was among the 6 high-level professionals in the review of the 7th review committee on December 12,2018. He is a professional in insurance with good experience in wealth and financial management. Another professional is Mr. Chou, who is an expert in Baroque music and has been a musical director in a number of orchestras in Europe. Mr. Shih, a specialist in IoT and the winner of the Reddot Online Design Award of Germany. These professionals in different disciplines to Taiwan will bring about diversity in the industry and culture of Taiwan.

Most of the high-level professionals passing the review of 2018 are US nationals, followed by the nationals of Malaysia, also including South Africa, New Zealand, and Finland, according to the Ministry of Interior. This showed our successful attraction of talents from all the five continents of the world. These foreign nationals have been living in Taiwan for a long time with an average of 16 years and some even for 47 years and have been in the workplace way back. They are the gurus in respective professions and will constitute an input to the industrial upgrading of Taiwan. They take Taiwan as their homes away from home.

For the continued attraction of more high-level professionals to apply for naturalization, the application procedure will be more simplified from October, 2018. Foreign nationals holding the Alien Permanent Resident Card of Senior Professionals(Plum Blossom Card)高專梅花卡 may apply for naturalization without the recommendation of the central competent authority. They just need a written inquiry of the Ministry of Interior with the relevant competent authority and could have their application for naturalization as advanced level professionals approved. As such, this group of foreign high-level professionals could have a shortcut in naturalization, the Ministry of Interior explained.

The number of high-level professionals naturalized as citizens of the ROC is on the rise, said the Ministry of Interior. This implies their identification with the land of Taiwan. It is expected that there will be more foreign nationals who specialize in different disciplines joining the family of Taiwan and make a better future together.

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