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2019-03-04 09:00
The National Immigration Agency unveiled the extended scheme dubbed the “Voluntary Surrender of the Illegally Staying (Residing) Population”
With immediate effect, magnanimous treatment will be granted to the aliens illegally staying (residing) in Taiwan, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) held a press conference on the scheme dubbed the “Voluntary Surrender of the Aliens Illegally Staying (Residing) in Taiwan” at the 1st Floor of the Taipei Railway Station on January 6. Chiu, Feng-Kuang, the Director- General of the NIA said that this scheme aims at encouraging the illegal aliens in Taiwan to surrender voluntarily by the end of June 2019 for magnanimous treatment. Those who turn themselves in by the deadline will face no detention and a fine of NT$2,000. He also appealed to the public for support of reporting any employers or intermediaries hiring illegal aliens. A price will be awarded to the informants from the authorities of labor affairs at the assistance of NIA if the report is validated in the investigation.

In the wake of globalization and internationalization, population flow across national boundaries became more frequent, which gave rise to the problem of an increasing size of illegal alien population staying (residing) in Taiwan and other countries, according to Chiu, Feng-Kuang. Taiwan, for example, had a population of more than 88,000 illegal aliens staying (residing) in the country as of the end of October 2018. This trend is on the rise and has aroused the concern of social order. For facilitating the problem in investigation and better results, reducing the personal risk deriving from the investigation work and protecting the human right of the illegal aliens, NIA started to launch the voluntary surrender scheme in 2011. Under this scheme, illegal aliens who turned themselves in could be remitted from detention. This scheme yielded a positive result. For this reason, the NIA intensified and extended the application of the “Voluntary Surrender of the Illegal Aliens Staying (Residing) in Taiwan” scheme.

Chiu, Feng-Kuang appealed to the public and urged them to encourage the illegal aliens whom they know of to surrender to the authorities to avoid putting themselves into a vulnerable situation with instability, and likely fall prey to illicit treatment or become victims of human traffickers.

According to the NIA, the “extended voluntary surrender” scheme will last for half a year, from January 1 to June 30 of 2019 (including 1 month of education period). “Magnanimous treatment” will be granted for those who “voluntarily surrender”. These illegal aliens will be remitted from detention and a fine of NT$2,000. In addition, the period for prohibition of the next visit to Taiwan will be shortened or waived. Aliens who were “rounded up” by the authorities in this period will be “severely punished” including detention and a fine of NT$2,000. In addition, the period of prohibition for the next visit to Taiwan will be set the longest. After the “conclusion” of the scheme, applicable laws will be amended to set a higher level of punishment and extend the period of prohibition of their next visit to Taiwan.

Severe punishment will be imposed on employers and intermediaries hiring illegal aliens. Illegal aliens staying (residing) in Taiwan are encouraged to report their employers and intermediaries. These employers and intermediaries will be punished by law if found guilty and shall bear the expenses incurred from sending the illegal aliens they employed back to their respective home countries. Illegal aliens may call a toll free special hotline for the prevention of human trafficking at 0800-024-881 (ByeBye) to report the employers and intermediaries in employment of illegal aliens. The public and illegal aliens are encouraged to report and to voluntarily surrender to the authorities.

According to the NIA, officials from the representations of Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines were also invited to the press conference with the playing of a short film for education on the scene. The focus of the scheme was elaborated with the release of promotional leaflets. Food stands serving gourmet foods of Southeast Asia were also arranged for the public and the migratory workers who were invited to join the “Card reading for good food” event to share with friends and relatives of the information on the extended “Voluntary Surrender of Illegal Aliens Staying (Residing) in Taiwan” scheme and to share the cause in promotion.

The Press Conference of the extended “Voluntary Surrender of Illegal Aliens Staying (Residing) in Taiwan” scheme at Taipei Railways StationThe Press Conference of the extended “Voluntary Surrender of Illegal Aliens Staying (Residing) in Taiwan” scheme at Taipei Railways Station
Director Chiu, Feng-Kuang of NIA hosted the press conference Director Chiu, Feng-Kuang of NIA hosted the press conference
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