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2019-02-11 09:00
Starting a new chapter in immigration policy – Revision of ROC uniform ID number for foreigners
Global talent flow has become the new trend. As borders between countries vanish, the world has been transformed into a global village. In order to create a friendly living environment for foreigners and implement the government’s policy of attracting, recruiting talents from abroad, the government has decided to revise the numerical format of the ROC uniform ID number for foreigners in accordance with that of the national ID card, so as to retain foreign talents in Taiwan and enable them to live with dignity.

During an interview with The American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei’s Taiwan Business TOPICS magazine, Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-Yung suggested that in an effort to increase convenience for foreigners living in Taiwan and their sense of belonging to the country, as well as allow them to perform online shopping, ticketing, hospital registration or join memberships like Taiwanese people, MOI intends to remove structural control by changing the format of ROC uniform ID number for foreigners from “2 English letters followed by 8 Arabic numerals” to “one English letter followed by 9 Arabic numerals”, same as the national ID card. Furthermore, MOI is coordinating with various departments and key private organizations to help integrate information systems and equipment in the public/private sector.

The world-leading system reform enables foreigners living in Taiwan to enjoy the convenience as associate citizens in terms of food, clothing, accommodation, and transport, marking a major milestone in immigration policy. The aim is to pave way for hope engineering involving talent retention and recruitment. According to the Minister, MOI will expedite the implementation process, and he also commented assuredly “MOI will continue to extend warm hospitality to all foreigners living in Taiwan, and we also cordially invite foreigners to visit Taiwan!”

A sample of ROC resident certificate ID for foreignersA sample of ROC resident certificate ID for foreigners
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