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2019-01-14 09:00
National Immigration Agency Joins Forces with McDonald's to Launch “New Labor Force Strategy – Expanding Employment for New Immigrants”
In order to unleash the advantages of new immigrants and diverse cultures of their second generation, as well as to create employment and improve the businesses’ competitiveness, National Immigration Agency collaborated with McDonald’s to organize the “McDonald’s Work Experience – Calling Out to New Immigrants”. Since the Taipei round, the inaugural round in south Taiwan took place in Kaohsiung City, and the Director of First Service Station in Kaohsiung City, Southern Administration Corps, National Immigration Agency San-pao Yang attended the function and handed out motivation card to encourage new immigrants participating in the work experience. The work experience includes activities such as work/work environment orientation, benefits, DIY balloons, handmade egg roll ice cream, latte art etc. In addition, the participants also played the role of employee and simulated customer service scenarios in order to experience customer feedbacks and needs in person. By doing so, they can fully understand everything about the work and related work environment. Submission of job applications was also accepted to shorten the time needed for finding employment.

Participant A Fang (alias) from Sichuan went through the traumatic experience of losing her father-in-law and father in succession, and her husband also succumbed to his illness in August this year. Having to raise 2 children all by herself, she suggested determinedly that although life is difficult, there is no time to rest and take a break. The work experience is just what she needed, as it offers flexible hours, allowing her to take care of 2 children and family life apart from work. She expressed her gratitude towards the National Immigration Agency and McDonald’s for their assistance.

Hsiao Li, an Indonesian new immigrant who attended the event accompanied by her husband, expressed a high degree of interest in the job, but she was concerned that her poor command of the Chinese language may jeopardize customer relations. In light of this, McDonald’s southern region HR Manager Mao-ting Huang indicated that McDonald’s is committed to creating a friendly work environment, therefore it has provided multilingual recruitment and communication tools for new immigrants; in addition to the Vietnamese training material, the Indonesian version will be launched in the future to help new immigrants overcome the language barrier and successfully find employment. Moreover, McDonald’s also offers comprehensive orientation training, so immigrants do not have to be concerned about the language obstacle, anyone with a diligent attitude and passion to serve are welcome to join the McDonald’s family!

The advantages of new immigrants such as diverse cultures and mother tongue make them a force to be reckoned with. By harnessing this strength in Taiwan, the country will be able to achieve greatness on the international stage, therefore discovering the second generation of new immigrants has become a crucial challenge facing businesses in the modern era. When the National Immigration Agency began hosting the Second Generation New Immigrant Overseas Workshop in 2015, McDonald’s was one of the partnering enterprises. This year, the campaign was expanded to all regions in Taiwan, acting as employment channels for new immigrants. For businesses, they benefit by recruiting hard-working, multilingual employees, and as far as the nation is concerned, the aim is to cultivate national HR capital by capitalizing on their advantages. Furthermore, by hiring new immigrants, businesses can also attract and serve foreign travelers and migrant workers, in turn generating a four-win situation for new immigrant families, enterprises, the society, and the country, making it an exemplar of public-private sector collaboration.

National Immigration Agency Joins Forces with McDonald's to Launch “New Labor Force Strategy – Expanding Employment for New Immigrants”
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