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2018-12-17 09:00
National Immigration Agency Care Initiative Service – Inviting Migrant Workers to Celebrate Moon Festival
National Immigration Agency Chiayi Service Center launched the “Spreading Care and Warmth to Celebrate Moon Festival”, where immigration counselors have arranged for services to be delivered to the Sacred Heart Home in Dongshi Township, Chiayi County to care about foreign caregivers working in the institution. Services offered include resident certificates and egg rolls handmade by Cambodian new immigrants were shared with the foreign migrant workers. Director of Sacred Heart Home Min-hua Wu and Filipino nun, Sister Ni also celebrated Moon Festival with the migrant workers.

National Immigration Agency Chiayi Service Center regularly holds “Bringing Care and Love to People’s Home – Convenient Service Program”, where visiting/residency services and care visits are delivered to various towns and townships in Chiayi County. Besides providing new immigrants with house call service, the convenient program is also expanded to incorporate other alien residents. Prior to the Moon Festival, resident certificate and legal consultation services were provided at the Sacred Heart Home in Dongshi Township, Chiayi County, and foreign caregivers in the institution were also invited to celebrate Moon Festival, so that Filipino immigrant workers can appreciate the unique holiday in Taiwan, while the government also took the opportunity to care about diligent migrant workers in Taiwan.

For over 3 decades since Sacred Heart Home was founded, it has endeavored to serve the disabled along the coastal regions of Chiayi County by looking after people with severe or profound multiple disabilities. In order to offer them with outstanding care quality, in addition to service rendered by Catholic nuns, foreign caregivers have been introduced over the years to supplement the existing caregiving staff. There are currently 8 Filipino caregivers offering people with severe disability excellent care quality under the leadership of the institution’s Catholic nuns, thereby materializing Franz Burkhardt, SJ’s mission of founding the Sacred Heart Home—to help alleviate the burden of families with disabled persons.

Service station Director Ping-huang Lin praised the Filipino caregivers at Sacred Heart Home for their dedication in providing the best care service for disadvantaged and disabled persons. According to Director Lin, migrant workers at Sacred Heart have traveled a long way to Taiwan to look after the disabled persons by working long shifts, thus they are constantly working under high pressure. It is hope that through these care visits, migrant workers will be able to appreciate the warm, festive ambiance and folk tradition in Taiwan, thereby alleviating their homesickness, and enabling them to further understand their rights and related regulations in Taiwan.

National Immigration Agency Care Initiative Service – Inviting Migrant Workers to Celebrate Moon Festival
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