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2018-07-17 09:00
Retirement from Office and Handover Ceremony between the Former and New Ministers of Ministry of Interior
The former Minister of Ministry of Interior (MOI) is now retired from office with the handover of duties to the new Minister of Interior. The ceremony was held on July 16 at 09:00 at the Briefing Room on the 8th Floor of the MOI building. Secretary-General Jung-Tai Cho of the Executive Yuan was appointed to oversee the handover ceremony.

MOI expressed that Former Minister Yeh had been fully engaged in his work since his assumption of office as the Minister of MOI in May 2016. He was able to lead the staff of MOI to accomplish numerous difficult tasks actively, including the completion of the legislation (amendment) of major bills including the Nationality Act, Housing Act, Statute for Expediting Reconstruction of Urban Unsafe and Old Buildings, Rental Housing Market Development and Regulation Act, Political Parties Act, The February 28 Incident Disposition and Compensation Act and Act for the Establishment of the National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center. In addition, the drafts of the Urban Renewal Act and the Social Association Act also reached the stage of mutual consultation among political parties at the Legislative Yuan. In view of the great efforts and occupational hazardous faced by the police and firemen in their works, Former Minister Yeh had actively sought the salary raise for all policemen and fire fighters working at the first line of defense and danger. Regarding the “0206 Earthquake in Haulien”, Former Minister Yeh had also promptly activated the emergency response and allocation of resources for rescue in order to minimize the casualty rate. As for the Da Pu Incident greatly concerned by the general public, Former Minister Yeh emphasized that effort would be made continuously to help the rebuilding of the Chang Pharmacy at the original address in order to demonstrate the social justice in housing. Former Minister Yeh has been able to uphold the people-oriented principle based on great care toward the people and the country along with the completion of the construction of various systems. Regarding Former Minister Yeh’s transfer and appointment as the new Minister of the Ministry of Education (MOE) this time, all of the past co-working staff of MOI express their gratitude and sincere appreciation toward Former Minister Yeh for his great contribution and outstanding leadership.

The new Minister of MOI Kuo-Yung Hsu graduated from the Department of Law at National Chung Hsing University, and earned the LLM and Ph.D degrees from the Graduate School of Law at National Taiwan Ocean University. Accordingly, Minister Hsu has solid legal expertise and background. In addition, Minister Hsu has extensive experience in various positions, including the City Councilor of the 9th Taipei City Council, Governor of District 300A2 of the Lion Club, talk show host of the TV Program, Toward a New Taiwan, of Sanlih E-Television, a Legislator of the 6th and the 9th term of Legislative Yuan, Government Spokesman Furthermore, Minister Hsu has also once assumed the position of the Minister without portfolio and concurrently acted as the Spokesman of the Executive Yuan since December 2017. Minister Hsu demonstrates great communication skills and has successfully acted as a bridge between the central and local governments as well as between the government and the civil organizations. Under the solid foundation established by the Former Minister Yeh, Minister Hsu sincerely looks forward to lead the staff of MOI to another period of outstanding performance for MOI.

Former Minister of MOI Jiunn-Rong Yeh (left), New Minister of MOI Kuo-Yung Hsu (right), and Secretary-General of Executive Yuan Jung -Tai Cho (center) overseeing the handover of duties.Former Minister of MOI Jiunn-Rong Yeh (left), New Minister of MOI Kuo-Yung Hsu (right), and Secretary-General of Executive Yuan Jung -Tai Cho (center) overseeing the handover of duties.
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