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2018-09-10 09:00
Taiwan was rated a tier 1 level country in the global prevention of human trafficking report for 9 consecutive years. This is the result of the joint efforts between the public sectors and the private sectors of Taiwan
The effort of Taiwan in fighting human trafficking was once again recognized by the international community! In the Global Human Trafficking Report released by the US State Department on June 28 2018 at 1:00 Eastern Time of the US (at 01:00, June 29, Taiwan Time), Taiwan was rated as a tier 1 level country among 180 plus countries of the world. This is the 9th consecutive year that Taiwan has been once again recognized by the world in our efforts of fighting human trafficking, which indicates the results of the joint endeavors between the government and the people as a team. We will further our struggles in the performance of our responsibility in the international community.

President Tsai highly treasures universal human rights and the structuring of a social security network as a vital parts of her policy. The prevention of human trafficking could be manifested through the protection of human rights and in providing a safe living environment for the victims. In 2007, when President Tsai was then the Deputy Premier, she had already initiated the creation of the integrated mechanism of “Cabinet-level Anti-TIP Task Force” This function serves the purpose of coordinating all human and other resources from the organizations of the private sectors, scholars and experts, government agencies at the national level and local governments through routine meetings and rolling reviews, which help to lay down a solid foundation for the effective eradication of human trafficking in Taiwan.

Albeit the 8 consecutive years of successful performance as a level tier 1 country, the international community and all walks of life in the country are also concerned about the protection of the rights of offshore fishermen and domestic workers, and the excessively low prosecution rate. Under the supervision of Lin Wan-Yi and Lo Ping-Cheng, both are Ministers without Portfolio at the Executive Yuan, the Task Force includs the deputy chief of the Council of the Agricultural Council as a standing member of the Task Force. In addition, the Council of Agriculture and Ministry of Labor were required to set up two teams of units designated for the protection of the rights and privileges of the offshore fishermen and domestic workers and addressed the problem positively for studying relevant solutions. In the same period, the Council of Agriculture has already finished the amendments to three laws governing deep sea fishing (Deep Sea Fishing Act, Non-ROC Fishing Boat Management Regulation and Fishery Act) for better protection of the rights and privileges of foreign salaried fishermen, in general. Likewise, the Ministry of Labor continued to propose relevant mandatory measures regulating the employers in holding orientations for the migrant workers and giving important notice to the employment of migrant workers to upgrade the protection of relevant rights and privileges, minimize the possibility of falling into the pitfalls of human trafficking. These efforts have not been made in vain and have earned the recognition from the outside world.

The prevention of human trafficking is a solemn issue for the respect of people. It is particularly important in the protection of basic human rights that dictates having the joint effort between the government and the private sectors without a pause, and there is no ending, as emphasized by the Ministry of the Interior. In addition, Taiwan should value the recommendation singled out in international reports, which should be reported in the joint coordination meeting concerned with tracking the results. Further, these issues should also be included for discussion in the annual “International Workshop on Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking” for sharing with international organizations, scholars and experts invited to the occasion so that we could learn more and get improved in the process. Topics of “Supervision Appearance, Exploitation Disappearance – Effective Mechanisms for Preventing Labor Exploitation of the Vulnerable” and “Better and Better- Victim Protection Mechanisms” were proposed for discussion in the international workshop held on July 25 - 26, 2018.

In the future, Taiwan will continue to maintain friendly partnership with organizations in the private sectors and international organizations for exchange and experience sharing, strengthen the protection and care for the victims, eradicate the crime of human trafficking, and enable the protection of human rights as a world citizen in the performance her responsibility.

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