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2018-09-17 09:00
Overseas scholars and specialists gathered at the workshop Hsu Kuo-yung: zero time difference is the wish for cross-border cooperation in combating human trafficking
The Ministry of the Interior held the two-day “2018 International Workshop on Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking” from July 25 at the Civil Service Human Resources Development Institute in Taipei to refine the prevention of human trafficking and cooperation with the local community. Scholars, specialists and government officials were invited to the event for mutual sharing of experiences. In addressing the workshop, Vice President Chen Chien-jen mentioned that human trafficking prevention required the concerned international and regional efforts. The Minister Hsu also suggested that the Ministry of the Interior will continue their efforts to arrive at preventive measures and hoped to make cross-border cooperation in zero time difference to show the determination of Taiwan in fighting human trafficking as the performance of its responsibility in the international community.

The tasks for combating human trafficking was indeed the proper pursuit of human rights protection and the provision of a safe living environment for the victims. This is the 9th consecutive year that Taiwan was rated as a level 1 country by the State Department of the USA in combating human trafficking, which indicated the results of long-term cooperation between the government and the private sector. We are more than pleased to share the experience of combating human trafficking with the international community, said Hsu Kuo-yung. Action has been taken in response to the recommendations cited in the 2018 Human Trafficking Report of the USA. Further to the tracking on the progress of corrective action in the Cabinet-level Anti-TIP Task Force, these issues were discussed and shared with the scholars and specialists of the international community in this international workshop for mutual learning and sharing of experience.

In the wake of global migration of human population, the problem of human trafficking followed, mentioned Hsu Kuo-yung. No country could be neutral in this matter. The only way to keep human trafficking and other criminal activities under control is the real-time notification, liaison and cooperation between countries and regions. Currently, Taiwan has entered into agreements or MOUs in cooperation with 17 countries. There will be one more European country preparing to enter into the “Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Immigration Affairs and Combating of Human Trafficking” this year. In addition, he emphasized that Taiwan is an indispensable partner of the international community, and hoped that he could engage in partnership with more countries to fight illegal activities and perform the responsibility as a world citizen.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the two-day international workshop was organized in response to the recommendations cited in the 2018 Human Trafficking Report of the USA and the United Nations “World Day against Trafficking in Persons” on July 30. The topics for discussion and study were unfolded in 4 areas of “New Prevention Approaches- Joint International Prevention and Regional Prevention Mechanisms” “The Tangle Between Offenders and Victims – The Competing Claims over Criminality and Penal Actions in Human Trafficking Cases” “Appearance, Exploitation Disappearance – Effective Mechanisms for Preventing Labor Exploitation of the Vulnerable” and “Better and Better- Victim Protection Mechanisms”. Concerned scholars and specialists at home and overseas were invited to host the seminars and engage in panel discussions.

Participants in the workshop were some 300 representatives from AIT Office in Taipei, Global Migration Policy Association, Narcotics Bureau of Indonesia, University of Auckland in New Zealand, College of Public Administration and Governance at the University of the Philippines, Criminal Investigation Squad of Metropolitan Police Station Service of the UK, The Freedom Network of the USA, Payoke shelter at Belgium, Hong Kong Justice Centre and Lighthouse, an NGO in Japan. Through the experiences sharing in the seminars, they would understand the actions and results of Taiwan in combating human trafficking. This could be served as reference for other countries in Asia and also refinement of the strategies and concepts of Taiwan in combating human trafficking.

In the 4P strategy of combating human trafficking: Prosecution, Protection, Prevention, and Partnership, “Partnership” remained the most important aspect, emphasized the Ministry of Interior. The international workshop is a vital platform for the improvement of international cooperation and exchange. In the future scholars and specialists from the governments and NGO of other countries will also be invited so that we could learn more new knowledge and information from other countries in combating human trafficking. With the inclusion of the private sectors, we could bolster international cooperation through partnership to be in tune with the international community for the realization of human rights protection.

Vice President Chen Chien-jen (6 from right), Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung (6 from left) and scholars and specialists of Taiwan and other countries in the “2018 International Workshop on Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking”.Vice President Chen Chien-jen (6 from right), Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung (6 from left) and scholars and specialists of Taiwan and other countries in the “2018 International Workshop on Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking”.
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