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2018-07-23 09:00
A Successful Comprehensive Fraud Fighting Program for a “Happy Life” & Confiscation of Criminal Assets of NTD 2.2 Billion
In recent years, there have been many fraudulent acts and in order to assure property safety of the people, the new government over the past two years has been committed to “fraud fighting.” Last year (2017) the court successfully announced confiscation of criminal assets of con operation at the amount of NTD 2.2 billion to effectively fight fraud and secure properties of the people.

Successful Achievements of Fraud Fighting; Severe Punishment to Deter Fraud

According to Ministry of the Interior, in order to fight fraud, National Police Agency (NPA ) on August 24, 2016 set up the “Anti-fraud Command Center” to strengthen integrated use of national wide information and to remove barriers of crime detection. From 2016 to 2017, the police arrested 7,103 fraud cash mules and 6,389 scammers in conducting con operations. There were 106 computer rooms and 380 fraud cases found at the amount totaling NTD 337.9 million.

Additionally, recently, the court has increasingly given stiff sentences of longer than three years to telephone fraud and one individual case was even jointly sentenced to ten years and six months. Furthermore, the prosecution rate against organized crime in 2017 increased from 5% to 54.9%. The criminal amount confiscated by the court dramatically jumped to NTD 2,295,690,000. On January 27, 2018, Taichung District Court, Taiwan, has given severe punishment to fraud cash mules and at the same time, announced pre-mandatory work before jail sentence to enhance deterrence effect.

Inter-ministerial Cooperation against International Scams

According to Ministry of the Interior, in order to fight against telecommunications fraud, NPA on June 3, 2016 set up the “Coordination Platform for Processing Cross-Strait Telecommunication Fraud Cases” to integrate duties of each ministry and establish the three-phased proceeding procedure for fraud warning, arrest, and repatriation for international cooperation, domestic investigation and prosecution, and continuous communication across the Taiwan Straits in order to comprehensively boost our capabilities in fighting against international scams.

Moreover, the NPA dispatches a short-term “Task-based Liaison Police Officers” to build international contact window and oversea relevant cooperation of police affairs to deter oversea scams involved by Taiwanese. Between 2016 and 2017, 14 computer rooms and 357 offenders of international scams were detected and 484 the ROC suspects were repatriated.

Improving the Public Awareness of Fighting against Fraud with Careful Questioning and Deterrence

Ministry of the Interior mentioned about strict investigation and prosecution as well as integration of public and private resources into crime prevention. In order to comprehensively improve the public awareness against fraud, the concept of “the third party policing” is incorporated to introduce the private resources to fight against crimes. Social media platforms and telecommunications providers are called for joint participation in fighting against fraud by informing the public when receiving a call indicating “OOX” or “+,” the call is placed offshore to avoid international scams.

The police also work with financial institutions to build the contact mechanism for caring and questioning about suspect fraud cases to report and deter in time and to avoid falling victim of fraud.

Verify the Identity of Accounts to Avoid Fraudulent Credit Accounts and Prepaid Cards

According to Ministry of the Interior, in the recent years, the government requests financial institutions to get to know their clients and to present two forms of identification for screening operations to open an account to enhance the screening and audit mechanism for account application with the purpose to prevent fraud that takes advantage of fraudulent credit accounts. Telecommunications service providers are also requested to enhance the audit mechanism of the requirement of two forms of identification for account opening and establish control and management mechanism for pre-paid cards applied by foreigners to effectively prevent fraud from the source by using prepaid cards.

The Ministry of the Interior emphasized that active steps to collect information and detect and investigate fraud driver, con operation, and computer labs will be continued and system detection and severe punishment will be imposed for fraud offenses and relevant industries that acquire illegal income. According to confiscation required in newly amended Criminal Code and the Money Laundering Control Act, illegal income of crime organizations will be completely taken away to avoid falling victim to fraud and to build a safe and a happy living environment.

Visit of Minister of the Interior, Mr. Jiunn-rong Yeh, to Witness Achievement of “Detecting Fraud Cash Mules”Visit of Minister of the Interior, Mr. Jiunn-rong Yeh, to Witness Achievement of “Detecting Fraud Cash Mules”
Awards Presented by Minister of the Interior, Mr. Jiunn-rong Yeh, to Police Officers that Contributed to the Program of “Detecting Fraud Cash Mules”Awards Presented by Minister of the Interior, Mr. Jiunn-rong Yeh, to Police Officers that Contributed to the Program of “Detecting Fraud Cash Mules”
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