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2018-07-23 09:00
With dual concern for ideals and reality – The first reading of the amendment of the Urban Renewal Act passed
The first reading of “The Amendment to the Urban Renewal Act” passed the Internal Administration Committee of the Legislative Yuan on March 26. The Ministry of Interior expressed its gratitude to the civilian organizations, experts, scholars, businesses, professional groups, and county and city governments for their suggestions and the rational discussion and communication among the members in the committee during the hearing. In this session, the committee consulted the suggestions and comments from the committee and civilian groups. Regarding the requirements on the details of execution, it will be included in the amendment of the enforcement rules and explicated further in the legislative explanation to enforce the government’s demand on governing.

The chapter on the government-led urban renewal and enhance the capacity and execution tool for urban renewal

The Ministry of Interior expressed that in this amendment a chapter on the “government-led urban renewal” is added. Regarding the public urban renewal, the government can conduct it in the manner of government-led urban renewal or the consent of other organizations in executing it. In practice, it may employ ample resources in the private sector or entrust private business organizations chosen from open review in the implementation of the urban renewal to facilitate multidimensional cooperation in its implementation.

In the review process, some of the committee members worried that when the entrustment of business organizations chosen from open review is implemented, will the government lose its function? Will it be changed from government-led to private-led? Regarding these questions, the Ministry of Interior responded that the complete procedure of a government-led urban renewal includes the following: alternation of the urban renewal plan, renew the regional assignment, stipulation and implementation of the urban renewal plan, the holding of a public hearing(s), review, hearing, approval, and supervision. The item entrusted will be limited to “the stipulation and implementation of urban renewal plan.” All others still under the government’s competence and the upholding of public authority. As to the controversy between the interested parties and the administrators, it will be included in the duty of the urban renewal controversy and review panel.

In addition, the Ministry of Interior will establish the “National Housing and Urban Renewal Center” and the Ministry of Finance will establish the Taiwan Finance Alliance with the eight government banks under its led in April. It shows that the government shows to have the determination in increasing the government’s competence and the promotion of urban renewal.

Retain the Self-designation Renewal Units Mechanism – Practical without ignoring ideals

Considering the actual practice and the experience of the execution by county and city governments, it is difficult for the government to delimit the region for urban renewal. Therefore, the mechanism of the self-designated renewal units will still be retained. Regarding the suggestions of the committee members that there should be clear-cut delimitation guidelines to be connected with the urban renewal plan, in the draft it is added that the county and city governments should review the designate criteria in 3 years after the amendment and propose it for approval by the Urban Renewal Committee. In the future, it will be reviewed regularly.

In addition, some committee members suggested that there should be a 100% consent rate in the self-designated units. The Ministry of Interior expressed that due to the complexity of the property rights in old urban areas, there have been the cases that the owner cannot be found in the promotion process. In addition, some lands may belong to deity associations and funeral businesses. It constitutes certain difficulties in execution.

With the care and concern of minorities and protection as premise, demolishment on behalf is the last tool of execution to avoid intentioned holdout to delay the urban renewal plans

Demolishment on behalf of the government was the most discussed issue. After the amendment, it will enhance four-bottom line handling of the holdout’s rights, including the designation of the renewal area and the self-designated unites criteria should be reviewed by the urban planning committee, hearing should be held for controversial cases, and the careful and practical review system and the holding of sincere negotiation with reference to the two contracts before demolishment to help decrease controversy.

As to the issue of the prevention of the minorities become homeless after the renewal, the Ministry of Interior also made reference to the committee members’ suggestions. Concerning the minorities defined in the Housing Act or homeless people after the renewal because of not reaching the minimum distribution area, in the future, the government will provide grants or loans to help them with special cases administered by regional governments.

Finally, the Ministry of Interior pointed out that the “Amendments for the Urban Renewal Act” will be forwarded to the Legislative Yuan for the second reading and the third reading. If the amendment will be passed in the future, the urban renewal will be executed in a more practical and complete manner, becoming an effective tool to promote national construction and urban development.

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