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2018-07-09 09:00
President Tsai Ying-Wen receives role models of the 2017 “Phoenix Awards”
The “Phoenix Award” is the highest honor for firefighting and rescue in disasters. There were 72 award recipients this year of whom 30 are firemen, 30 volunteer firemen, 6 volunteers for fire safety promotion, 3 medical service volunteers and 3 disaster rescue volunteers. Each and every one has demonstrated their effort in rescue and relief work in disasters prevention.

On the 119 Fire Safety Day, President Tsai Ying-Wen received the 72 role models of the 2017 “Phoenix Awards” in person for expressing her gratitude for their efforts and contributions and urged them to keep up their good work. The President expressed the hope that the award would boost the morale of disaster rescue volunteers across Taiwan on this particular meaningful day by commending the recipients of the annual “Phoenix Awards”. She also indicate that she looks forward to see the public’s continued support and recognition to the firemen.

The Ministry of Interior held the award ceremony for the recipients of the “Phoenix Awards” on the eve of the 119 Fire Safety Day to express its gratitude for the efforts and contributions of these firefighting heroes. Premier William Lai and Minister of Interior Yeh Chun-Rong jointly commended the 72 firemen, volunteer firemen, and volunteers in fire safety promotion, medical service and rescue in disasters as models of the country. Their praise reflected the nation’s respect and recognition of the fire fighters and disaster search and rescue volunteers.

President Tsai met with the award recipients in the company of Minister of Interior Yeh Chun-Jung and Director-General of the National Fire Agency Chen Wen-lung. President Tsai expressed her recognition to the hard work of these models to its entirety and hoped all those participating in firefighting could adhere to the spirit of “Service to the society and well-being for the home town” in protecting the lives and property of people. President Tsai also mentioned that the courage of the firemen, volunteer firemen and rescue volunteers to face danger and their involvement in different types of recuse work should earn the respect of people, as they “give people confidence that there cries for help will be answered”. She thanked the heroes for their devotion to disaster prevention and rescue work. It is because of you all that the safety of people is assured!

The heroes of the Phoenix Awards in front of the Presidential OfficeThe heroes of the Phoenix Awards in front of the Presidential Office
President Tsai Ying-Wen receiving the recipients of the Phoenix AwardsPresident Tsai Ying-Wen receiving the recipients of the Phoenix Awards
President Tsai Ying-Wen commending the  recipients of the Phoenix AwardsPresident Tsai Ying-Wen commending the recipients of the Phoenix Awards

【The President receiving the “Recipients of the 2017 Phonix Awards” (footage)】

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