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2018-06-11 09:00
Current Household Visitation by Police Becomes History, Community Policing Takes Place for Public Service
Current household visitation by the police will be no longer existing, as Ministry of the Interior passed the draft amendment to the “Regulation on Household Visitation in Police Beat” in a regular meeting dated on March 8. This significant change aims at the protection of human rights and civil liberty rather than the prevention of hazards. Furthermore, the amendment will serve the public with a combination of local community resources to provide security consultation for the community in fighting crimes through cooperation between the police and the public. That also helps to shape a new image of police.

With the change in the political, economic, and social environment, Ministry of the Interior indicates that previous practice of door-to-door household visitation by the police can’t fulfill the goal of controlling temporary residents and security-concerned population. That practice is also susceptible of invading human rights. Minister of the Interior, Jiunn-Rong Yeh, particularly emphasizes on protecting people’s privacy, and has instructed the National Police Agency to review the system of past door-to-door household visitation, which was focused on crime prevention. The new system will be oriented on public service for replacing control, and no longer invading people’s privacy.

Hence, the National Police Agency started to prepare for an amendment to the “Regulation on Household Visitation in Police Beat” in December 2016. The amendment is focused on the protection of basic human rights. It is also explicitly stated that the purpose of household visitation is the prevention of crime, servicing the public and investigation of social security. In addition, police must duly abide with the principles of integrity, proportionality, justice, and “Personal Information Protection Act” to strengthen the protection of human rights.

Moreover, the amendment also stated that police should duly obey the “Personal Information Protection Act” and other laws in handling the data obtained from household visitation to manifest the spirit of human rights protection. The amendment is also introduced to provide consultation service through the integration with the popular community networks, electronic and print media for the security of the community.

Law enforcement of police is “the most initial phase” of legal proceedings. It is also the “forefront” of the implementation of social justice. The amendment is based on the protection of human rights and liberty, which is extremely valuable and meaningful, according to Ministry of the Interior. Furthermore, the introduction of the scenario strategy of crime prevention and the notion of community policing service will help to effectively upgrade the police visibility and vitalize the police beat system, which eventually helps to improve and stabilize social order. This draft amendment will be promulgated and take affect following the due legal process.

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