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2018-02-13 09:00
Minister of Interior Yeh Chun-Jung visits Taoyuan and Songshan Airports before the Lunar New Year
Thanks and encouragement for the hard-working immigration officers and security inspection officers

Effective 00:00 on January 26, 2018, all immigration officers have to perform overtime duties from the night of February 23 at 12:00 midnight for responding to the huge influx of air travelers to the airports during the Winter Break Holidays and the Spring Festival. This special scheme lasts for 29 days. Minister of Interior Yeh Chun-Jung shared the hardship of the immigration officers and the security inspection officers by giving up his holiday and staying in the line of duties in the inspection of travel document and security maintenance and visiting the immigration officers and security inspection officers stationed at Songshan and Taoyuan Airports with the company of Director-General Yang Chia-Chun of the National Immigration Agency and Director Chen Che-Wen of the Aviation Police Bureau today (13th) at 9:00 am to express his gratitude.

Release limited quantity of red envelopes for good luck during Spring Festival

Mininster Yeh shook hands with each and every immigration officer and released the 2018 red packets for the Year of the Dog in a limited edition to the outbound travelers symbolizing “Good luck in a thriving year”. The travelers felt the kindness and warmth of the minister.

The National Immigration Administration has decorated the inspection counters so as to share an atmosphere of New Year with the travelers, and displayed greetings and good wishes via LED screens in several languages on counter-top signs so that the traveler waiting on the lines could feel the joy of Spring Festival.

Scheme 644 for Customs and Immigration Clearance

The Spring Festival is a long holiday that the population for inbound and outbound tended to skew to the highest point, according to the Ministry of Interior. Many people will make use of the long holidays to travel overseas with their families. There were 6 days of holidays for the Spring Festival this year from New Year’s Eve (February 15) to the 5th day of the New Year (February 20). To deal with the situation, the National Immigration Agency proposed the Scheme 644, consisting of 6 flexible measures for the allocation of human resources, 4 measures in the promotion of using automated counters for clearance, and 4 other measures for customs clearance. Under this scheme, additional manpower was assigned to help travelers with customs clearance. It was matched with the 66 automated inspection devices across Taiwan as an effective solution for the waiting lines.

Registration for lottery draw and fortune bag as gift

According to the Ministry of Interior, the National Immigration Agency organized the “Registration for automated customs immigration clearance systems in Spring Festival for Free Fortune Bag and Lottery Draw” event, whereby ROC nationals or foreign nationals holding residency with multiple re-entry permit, at the age of 14 or higher, at the height of at least 140 cm, were entitled to participate in a lottery draw if they have registered for automated immigration clearance systems at any airport of Taiwan. The gifts are fortune bags, protection pendants, or wiping cloths for smart phones.

Introduction of 10 more e-Gate Registration Spots

The National Immigration Agency introduced 10 more locations for the registration of automated immigration clearance systems from February 1 this year in addition to the previous locations at the airports and sea ports of Taoyuan, Songshan, Kaohsiung, Taichung, and Kinmen, and the 1st floor of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 5 more locations of the National Immigration Agency in different counties and cities for the advocacy of using automated immigration clearance systems. The new locations are at the New Taipei Service Center, Taoyuan City Service Center, Hsinchu City Service Center, Miaoli County Service Center, Changhua County Service Center, Nantou County Service Center, Yunlin County Service Center, Chiayi County Service Center, Tainan City 1st Service Center and Kaohsiung City 2nd Service Center which are open to the service of the people. People are advised to register as early as possible at these locations. The process takes just 1 minute to complete, and one could pass the immigration inspection in 10 seconds, which makes it efficient to travel abroad.

Minister Yeh Chun-Jung handed out lucky red packets to the outbound travelers waiting in line at the counters for e-Gate registrationMinister Yeh Chun-Jung handed out lucky red packets to the outbound travelers waiting in line at the counters for e-Gate registration
Minister Yeh Chun-Jung and the immigration officials on duty at Sungshan AirportMinister Yeh Chun-Jung and the immigration officials on duty at Sungshan Airport
Minister Yeh Chun-Jung with foreign travelers in Taiwan at Terminal II of Taoyuan International AirportMinister Yeh Chun-Jung with foreign travelers in Taiwan at Terminal II of Taoyuan International Airport
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