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2018-03-05 09:00
National Ceremony for the Commemoration of the 71st Anniversary of the 228 Incident
The National ceremony for the commemoration of the 71st anniversary of the 228 Incident was held on February 28 2018 at 2:20pm at the 228 Memorial Park in Taipei. President Tsai Ying-wen, Premier William Lai, Chairman Hsueh Hua-Yuan of the Memorial Foundation of 228, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Che, Minister of Interior Yeh Chun-Jung, Minister of Cultural Affairs Cheng Li-Chun, and Madam Lin Li-Tsai , the representative of the families of the victims in the 228 Incident were present at the ceremony.

President Tsai presented a wreath at the 228 Memorial Monument, followed by keynote speeches from Foundation Chairman Hsueh Hua-Yuan, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je, representative Lin Li-Tsai of the victims’ families in the 228 Incident. The ceremony was concluded by address of President Tsai with the presentation of reinstatement of reputation certificate to the victims of the 228 Incident, including Mr. Hsieh Yi-Cheng, Mr. Chou Chen-Tsai, Mr. Liu Chia-Yuan, Mr. Liu Chung-Hsin, madam Liu Hui-Chuan and Madam Liang Jung-Tzu, all relatives of the victims in the 228 Incident.

In her address at the ceremony, President Tsai emphasized that this was the first 228 Memorial Day after the enactment of the “Law for the Encouragement of Transformation and Justice”. It will be followed by a series of investigations by the government to give a picture history as true as practically possible. The “Encouragement of Transformation and Justice Committee” will start its operations soon and will do its best to look into the files of political crimes so that the truth could finally come out. History will justify the truth. The Committee will endeavor to complete the national transformation and justice report in the shortest possible time. In addition, the investigation for the truth of Taiwan in transformation and justice must meet international standards and will be published in books or articles. By then, the truth and the accountability of the 228 Incident could be clarified without doubt. The system serving as a pawn in authoritarian era will be seriously reviewed. Through transformation and justice, we will emerge into a country of more liberty, more democracy and better human rights. These investigations and review will draw a clear red line for the government at present and in the future. “The mistake of crossing the red line shall not be made again”. We must remember the lessons from history. This really is the very meaning of transformation and justice.

In his keynote speech, Premier Lai Ching-Te mentioned that the Executive Yuan will rush up the list of members of the Committee to the Legislative Yuan for ratification in the near future, and will give full support and full authorization to the Committee. The Executive Yuan will spare no effort in supporting the “Memorial Foundation of 228” and the “National Human Rights Museum” financially, and will respond to the needs of the society so that the truth could come out as soon as possible, Premier Lai added. This is the way toward forgiveness of the victims and their families, and the society will have confidence that an incident like 228 will never happen again in Taiwan.

The “Law for the Handling and Compensation for the 228 Incident” was promulgated in 2013. The deadline for application for compensation for the victims and their families was previously set on May 23, 2017. Yet, some of the families of the victims could not make their applications on time. As such, an amendment has been made to the law after a third reading in the Legislative Yuan on December 26, 2017 for the protection of their rights and interests. The President thereby announced on January 17 that the deadline for the families of the victims of the 228 Incident was extended by four years to January 18, 2022. In the future, we will continue the supervision of the Foundation in processing applications for compensation, and also the investigation of the truth and human rights education for the encouragement of transformation and justice.

President Tsai delivered her remarks at the memorial ceremony.President Tsai delivered her remarks at the memorial ceremony.
Premier Lai delivered his keynote speech at the memorial ceremony.Premier Lai delivered his keynote speech at the memorial ceremony.
President Tsai personally awarded the reinstatement of reputation certificates to the families of the victims of 228 Incident.President Tsai personally awarded the reinstatement of reputation certificates to the families of the victims of 228 Incident.
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